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September 2023 | Week 2

Elevate Your Fitness Game with Week 2 of UAC’s September Programming!
Get ready for a week of challenging and fun workouts tailored to your individual level! Kick off your week with Upper Body Pushing and Steel Canopy, a conditioning workout featuring deadlifts and push-ups. Dive into Venetian Canal on Tuesday, a circuit of rowing, kettlebell snatches, and more. Midweek brings Power Snatch EMOM and Papercut, a conditioning workout with snatch grip deadlifts and wall balls. Don’t miss Pistol Squats and Sunspot on Thursday, and round off your week with EMOM Power Clean and Feathered Hat on Friday. Weekends are for partner workouts, featuring benchpress on Saturday. Join us at UAC and make this week another step towards reaching your fitness goals!

September 2023 | Week 1

Unveil a new chapter in your fitness journey with the first week of September’s electrifying programming at UAC Shaw! From a special Labor Day ‘Stone Garden’ workout to tailored Press sessions and CrossFit® Open classics, we’re blending Gymnastics, Ventilation, Barbell virtuosity, and so much more. Discover workouts scaled to 8 different levels, all available on Chalk It Pro (CHIP). Don’t miss out—read on to catch the full week’s breakdown and get ready to elevate your fitness!

September’s Strength and Conditioning Programming at Urban Athletic Club

Discover September’s dynamic strength and conditioning programming at UAC Shaw, where we blend the art of Gymnastics, Ventilation-focused energy systems, targeted Press progressions, Barbell virtuosity, and fun CrossFit Games workouts. Join us this month to elevate your fitness, master new skills, and set new personal records through our structured yet flexible theme-based approach.

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August Wrap-up and the Power of Tracking Results

Unlock unparalleled fitness results at Urban Athletic Club, home to the best workout classes designed to elevate your athletic performance. Last month, our members broke an astounding 165 Personal Records and achieved 36 Level Ups, making us the best gym for achieving and tracking your fitness milestones. With our state-of-the-art best programming, we’re committed to helping you shatter your goals, whether you’re a powerlifter, a bodyweight virtuoso, or just looking to get in the best shape of your life.

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Unpacking the Importance of Onboarding at Urban Athletic Club: Your First Step Towards a Fitter, Better You

Are you a fitness enthusiast in Washington DC, specifically around the Shaw neighborhood, scouting for a top-notch fitness center for group or…

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August 2023 | Week 5 **TESTING WEEK**

This week at the Urban Athletic Club is a special Testing Week, aimed at assessing key fitness metrics like Lactic Tolerance and Deadlift capabilities to help you track your progress and set new goals.

Personal Training at UAC

Personal Training at Urban Athletic Club: Tailored for DC

Discover Personal Training at Urban Athletic Club in Downtown DC. Dive into a tailored fitness journey right in the heart of Washington, D.C.’s Shaw neighborhood. At Urban Athletic Club, we prioritize understanding your unique goals, past exercise experiences, and any limitations. Our certified trainers handpick exercises, emphasize proper movement mechanics, and foster habit development, ensuring a sustainable and effective regimen. Elevate your fitness game in the city’s top facility, where D.C.’s professionals come to thrive. Join us today and redefine your limits.

Shoulder Mobility Workshop | September 9

Hey athletes! Do you struggle with mobility in overhead or front rack positions? Are shoulder issues holding back your performance? We have…

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AUGUST 2023 | Week 4

Experience the best workout in DC at Urban Athletic Club Shaw, renowned as the premier gym in DC. Located in the heart of Shaw DC, our top-tier trainers and unparalleled routines make us the go-to destination for fitness enthusiasts citywide.

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August 2023 | Week 3 Training

Looking for the best gym in DC that offers unparalleled fitness programming? Urban Athletic Club Shaw (UAC) is where your search ends! From strength training to our signature WODs, our week’s schedule is packed with the best workout classes tailored to suit all fitness levels. Experience “Ajax,” “Lights Out,” “Crystal Palace,” and more – all part of the exciting lineup at UAC, the best gym in DC. Whether you’re aiming to build muscle, increase endurance, or simply have fun, we provide seven levels of every workout to scale to your exact ability. Join us at UAC and embrace the best workout classes in DC. Transform your fitness journey with the best gym in DC and elevate your health to new heights!