June Programming Themes

Level Up! June Programming Overview

Welcome to June at Urban Athletic Club! This month, our programming is designed to help you build strength, enhance endurance, and improve overall fitness through diverse and engaging workouts. Want to learn more about Level Method themes? Check out this comprehensive blog post.

Here’s what you can expect:

June Programming Themes:

  • Electricity Discipline: Bodybuilding
    • Focus: Tempo lifts, rep ranges (8-12 reps)
    • Key Exercises: Bench and Overhead Press, Bent-over rows, Front and Back Squats, Deadlifts
  • System: Ventilation
    • Focus: Breathing, lighter weights, longer workouts
    • Goal: Improve respiratory system efficiency
  • Progression: Pressing
    • Weekly Breakdown:
      • Week 1: 7 reps with moderate weight
      • Week 2: 5 reps with heavier weight
      • Week 3: 2 reps with maximum weight
      • Week 4: Testing
    • Accessory Work: Triceps and forearm exercises
  • Virtuality: Kettlebell
    • Focus: Mastery of kettlebell movements
    • Key Exercises: Two-arm swings (Russian and American), 1-arm Swings, Cleans and Snatches, various carries (suitcase, farmers, suitcase, overhead), Turkish get-ups
  • Fun: Benchmark Workouts
    • Focus: Tried and true workouts to measure performance improvements
    • Starting Workout: “DT”

Monthly Assessments:

  • Upper Body Push
  • Neurological and Core

Extra Credit:

  • Focuses:
    • Durability
    • Mobility
    • Skill work (e.g., double unders, sit-ups)
  • Goal: Level up your fitness skills and maintain flexibility


  • Week 1 is “Bring a Friend” week! Check out Chalk Talk for your link to share.
  • All June programming details are available in Chalk It Pro.

Stay motivated and push your limits this June at Urban Athletic Club!

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