March Week 3 Programming

Weekly Workout Overview: March Week 3 Programming (3/18-24)

Join us at Urban Athletic Club this week, March 18-24, for a series of workouts designed to advance every aspect of your fitness. In the third week of this month’s programming, we are pushing the limits and redefining strength and endurance for our urban warriors. You can read the March month overview here.

Monday – Phantom Drift

Embark on the week with “Phantom Drift,” an urban adventure in fitness that will test your grit and agility. With a series of Dumbbell Goblet Squats, Bear Crawls, Toes to Bar, and Goblet Lunges, we set the tone for a week of transformative workouts.

Tuesday – Weightlifting & Power Ingrid

Rise to new challenges with “Weightlifting,” a session to hone power and precision. “Power Ingrid” follows suit, demanding a blend of explosive Power Snatches and dynamic Burpees over the Bar, all in the spirit of athletic excellence.

Wednesday – Silent Summit

Midweek, “Silent Summit” brings you to new heights with unyielding Thrusters and Airbike sprints. Accompanied by our targeted pre-hab routine, we focus on building resilience and shielding against injuries.

Thursday – Stone Mason

Forge ahead on Thursday with “Stone Mason,” where upper-body strength is paramount. Command Kettlebells and master the Pullups, concluding with a Farmer’s Carry that’s as relentless as the city we thrive in.

Friday – Front Squat & Splitting Lanes

Reinforce your core with “Front Squat,” a foundational movement for robust strength, followed by “Splitting Lanes.” This circuit of Handstand Push-Ups, Air Squats, and Runs is a testament to your athletic development.

Saturday – Drone Shot

Wrap up the active week with “Drone Shot,” an endurance and power duel, then dial in your technique with our refined Accessory work. It’s your commitment to consistency that shapes progress.

Sunday – Partner Workout

The week concludes on a collaborative note with a partner workout. Team up and tackle the exercises together, reinforcing bonds and sharing success. It’s a celebration of community and collective effort.

Remember, at UAC, progress is made one rep at a time, and every session is an opportunity to enhance your personal best. With seven levels of the Level Method, we tailor your fitness experience to meet you where you are and take you where you want to be.

Don’t just witness the transformation; be part of it. Step into Urban Athletic Club and join the ranks of D.C.’s elite. Your next level of fitness is within reach. Schedule a Discovery Call to learn more!