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Graham King

Founder and Owner

Graham King, the founder and owner with a rich fitness background, began his journey in the industry as a personal trainer during his time at the University of Maryland, where he earned a B.S. in Business. His fitness philosophy centers on two key elements: muscle and mobility. King emphasizes the importance of maintaining a strong and supple body for longevity, believing that these are the two aspects most affected by aging. His approach to training combines fun and challenge, ensuring that workouts are both safe and effective. King’s expertise is backed by Personal Training accreditations from the National Academy of Sports Medicine and the National Strength Professionals Association, alongside a Nutrition Coaching Certification from Healthy Steps Nutrition, and a CrossFit L1 certificate. He shares his life with his wife Carolina and their two daughters, Camila and Giuliana.


Mike Presley

Mike Presley


As a personal trainer and sports nutritionist, Mike Presley brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to their clients. With a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science from James Madison University and multiple certifications, Mike is well-equipped to help clients reach their health and fitness goals. Throughout Mike’s 12+ year career, he has worked with various clients, including athletes, kids, and special populations. Mike started as a trainer for Olympic sports teams at James Madison University before transitioning to corporate gym management. After the pandemic hit, Mike focused solely on one-on-one, small-group, and team training. Mike’s journey has given him a deeper understanding of the importance of staying committed to one’s health and fitness. At one point, Mike lost touch with his well-being and gained 40 lbs, but after working with his trainer and embracing a healthier lifestyle, Mike rediscovered their passion for fitness. Mike’s ultimate goal is to empower others and show them that it’s always possible to start their health and fitness journey. Mike supports and guides clients every step of the way, regardless of whether they’re starting for the first time, overcoming an injury, or trying again after setbacks. Mike takes great satisfaction in seeing clients reach their full potential and achieve their goals. Credentials: B.S. Exercise Science (James Madison University); CrossFit L1, ISSA certified: Personal Training, Sports Nutrition, Corrective Exercise, Online coaching.

Rohit Joshi

Rohit Joshi


Rohit Joshi, a valued coach at Urban Athletic Club, exemplifies a deep-rooted passion for fitness and sports, coupled with a strong commitment to teaching and mentorship. His athletic journey began with a focus on tennis, where he competed at both high school and college club levels, laying a solid foundation for his understanding of sports discipline and physical fitness.

Transitioning from tennis, Rohit expanded his athletic pursuits to include CrossFit and recreational weightlifting. This broadened his fitness expertise and deepened his appreciation for diverse training methodologies, underscoring the importance of a well-rounded approach to physical wellness.

A significant milestone in Rohit’s fitness career was obtaining his CrossFit Level 1 certification, an achievement that reflects his dedication to the sport and his commitment to continual learning. This certification, combined with his natural inclination towards teaching and mentoring, paved the way for him to begin his coaching career in 2018. As a Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor, Rohit is known for his ability to motivate and assist clients in achieving their fitness goals, bringing both expertise and enthusiasm to his coaching sessions.

Outside of his coaching role, Rohit maintains a career in the tech sector, balancing his professional commitments with his passion for fitness. He continues to actively participate in CrossFit and sports as a recreational endeavor, demonstrating a balanced approach to work, life, and fitness. Rohit’s ability to manage a demanding career while dedicating himself to personal and client fitness goals makes him an inspirational figure at Urban Athletic Club. His journey and achievements serve as a testament to the club’s ethos of professional excellence, respect, and strategic focus on holistic wellness.

El Carlisle

El Carlisle


El Carlisle (she/her) joined Urban Athletic Club after moving from New York and California. Her CrossFit journey began in February 2019, a pivotal moment in her life marked by a shift from inconsistent nutrition and exercise habits to a dedicated focus on health and fitness. El’s decision to embark on this path was influenced by her college experience, where she recognized the need for consistency in physical training and proper nutrition.

Her commitment to a healthier lifestyle led her to CrossFit, intentionally choosing February to start her journey, distancing it from the typical New Year’s resolutions. Balancing her commitment to fitness, El attended 4:15 AM CrossFit classes while working towards her bachelor’s degrees (yes!). She quickly grew to appreciate the varied training CrossFit offers, which led her to train six days a week, participate in races, and initiate her gym’s Run Club.

In 2021, El’s dedication to fitness took a new turn as she was accepted into a master’s program in New York City. Seizing the opportunity to deepen her involvement in CrossFit, she obtained her CrossFit Level 1 certification, allowing her to coach while pursuing her studies. During her early coaching tenure, she encountered members struggling with nutrition issues and misconceptions stemming from diet culture. These interactions resonated with her past experiences, prompting her to acquire a Nutrition Coaching Certification to guide her members toward healthier habits.

Further expanding her expertise, El also earned her USA Weightlifting Coaching Level 1 and CrossFit Programming Certification. In July 2023, she relocated to Washington D.C. to pursue her PhD in Justice, Law, and Criminology at American University. Among her favorite activities, El enjoys the CrossFit workout “DT”, pole fitness, open water swimming, and krav maga, reflecting her diverse interests in physical fitness and self-improvement.

DaShawn Hilliard

DaShawn Hilliard


Phoebe Devos-Cole

Phoebe Devos-Cole


Phoebe, a vibrant addition to the Urban Athletic Club team, brings a rich background in sports and fitness, rooted in her upbringing on a ranch in northern New Mexico. Now a resident of Washington, DC, Phoebe’s journey in athletics began early, encompassing a wide array of activities that shaped her multifaceted approach to fitness.

Throughout her childhood and teenage years, Phoebe engaged in an impressive range of sports. She was an active participant in soccer, basketball, and softball, and showcased her versatility by excelling in track events. Beyond team sports, Phoebe developed a strong connection with individual pursuits like swimming, tennis, horseback riding, and competitive shooting, each contributing to her comprehensive understanding of physical fitness and discipline.

Phoebe’s professional qualifications in fitness are equally impressive. She holds a personal training certification through ISSA and is currently working towards her Level 1 CrossFit Certification. Additionally, she is expanding her expertise with specializations in nutrition and corrective exercise, underlining her commitment to holistic fitness and wellness.

Her hobbies reflect her love for an active lifestyle and the great outdoors. Phoebe enjoys running, hiking, horseback riding, and working out, staying true to her roots and passion for physical activity. When not engaging in these pursuits, she cherishes her downtime, often found immersed in a good book, enjoying the company of friends, or exploring the culinary delights of her town.

Phoebe’s motivation to coach stems from a deep-seated desire to help others achieve their best selves. She is driven by a passion to share her love for fitness, aiming to inspire and support others in reaching their fitness goals. Her enthusiasm for coaching is palpable, making her a valuable and motivational presence at Urban Athletic Club.

Olga Gorodetsky

Olga Gorodetsky


Growing up on Long Island, Olga was an equal opportunity JV athlete, trying everything from tennis and basketball to ice hockey and rowing. Only in her late 20s did she discover a passion and aptitude for long-distance running, qualifying for the Boston Marathon on her first try. After hitting a plateau at shorter distances in her mid-30s, she serendipitously tried CrossFit in 2020 and saw an immediate improvement in her speed and endurance. Pretty soon, however, the community and variety of CrossFit won her over, and she hasn’t looked back.

After almost 3 years at Urban Athletic Club as a member, Olga became a Crossfit L1 Trainer and joined the UAC coaching staff in 2024. Olga decided to become a coach to share her passion for functional fitness and help others have the same sense of accomplishment that she feels after a workout. She wants every member to feel like their workout is the best hour of their day and that they are prepared for any challenge that life may bring, physical or mental. Outside of the gym, Olga channels her passion into housing finance and travel.

Professionally, she leads a team of analysts specializing in Capital Markets and mortgage-backed securities. She also enjoys learning foreign languages, hiking, cooking, and reading.

Vaughn Phillips

Vaughn Phillips


Born in Naples, Italy, and raised in Frederick, Maryland, Vaughn Phillips brings a dynamic and diverse athletic background to Urban Athletic Club. Vaughn’s journey in sports began early, with an impressive career in soccer and track. He played Division 1 and Division 2 soccer, advancing to semi-professional levels where he often led as team captain. His track specialties included the 100, 200, 400 meters, and the triple jump, showcasing his versatility and dedication.

Vaughn’s approach to coaching is rooted in his belief that fitness extends beyond physical strength. He sees coaching as an opportunity to help individuals develop mentally, physically, and spiritually. This holistic perspective drives his passion for guiding athletes toward reaching their full potential. Vaughn thrives on the continuous challenge of improving and mastering new skills, valuing the journey of becoming a well-rounded athlete.

In his free time, Vaughn enjoys quality moments with his wife, engaging in various forms of exercise, delving into books, and volunteering at his local church. His commitment to community and personal growth aligns perfectly with UAC’s mission to impact the lives of 5,000 Washingtonians through fitness, nutrition, and overall health.

Vaughn’s expertise and passion make him a valuable asset to the UAC community, where he continues to inspire and motivate members to achieve their best.

Our Vision

Transformational. Inspirational. Holistic.

At Urban Athletic Club, we’re crafting a vision that redefines the norms. Our goal is ambitious yet clear: to positively influence the lives of 500 Washingtonians annually, leading to a transformative impact on over 5,000 individuals in the next decade. This commitment marks a significant and enduring change in our community’s approach to health and wellness.

Our passion is deeply rooted in fitness, nutrition, and overall health. These pillars form the foundation of our expertise and enthusiasm. Our fitness professionals go beyond mere training; they are agents of change. They ignite inspiration, drive motivation, and sculpt lives, embedding healthy habits that not only enhance but also prolong life.

We understand the unique dynamics of Washingtonians – professionals known for their drive and commitment. Our role at UAC is to introduce and nurture a vital balance between professional endeavors and personal well-being. We are more than just a gym or a diet plan; we are your steadfast partner on the path to health and wellness.

Join us on this journey as we spearhead a revolution in fitness and health, reshaping lives across Washington. With UAC, the future of wellness is not just a concept; it’s a reality we build together, starting right here, with you.

Our Mission

Our mission at Urban Athletic Club is to transform the fitness landscape. We bridge the physical and digital realms with our adaptable strength and conditioning programs, offering more than just workouts. We craft personalized experiences, catering to individuals and groups, supporting our members every step of their fitness journey.

Our commitment is to connect with each member, respecting their unique fitness level. Our promise extends beyond excellent coaching; it’s about creating an interactive, safe environment where each achievement is a celebrated milestone.

We’re not just part of the community; we’re actively enhancing it. We bring value through insightful social media content, complimentary monthly classes, community events like ‘bring-a-friend’ day, and social gatherings.

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Glover Park post-construction
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