March Training Overview

March Training Overview: Embrace the Power of Spring Renewal at UAC!

As the fresh breath of Spring begins to invigorate DC, Urban Athletic Club is thrilled to announce our March training themes designed to progress your fitness journey. This month, our programming focuses on honing your weightlifting skills, building your bodyweight strength, and challenging you with benchmarks that inspire growth and progress. Let’s shed the winter layers and leap into a season of transformation with energy, enthusiasm, and the spirit of renewal.

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Electricity Discipline: Weightlifting

March shines a spotlight on Weightlifting, working on weightlifting progressions that will take you from Hang Cleans to Cleans from the Floor, and from Power Cleans to Squat Cleans. For our advanced athletes, we’ll work on mastering the Snatch, both in form and in weight. These progressions are designed to build your strength, improve your technique, and enhance your overall performance.

System: Plumbing

Our System focus this month is Plumbing, emphasizing workouts that will test and improve your muscular endurance. Expect to push through barriers and achieve new levels of fitness as we dive deep into sessions that are as challenging as they are rewarding.

Progression: Weightlifting

True to our focus, the Weightlifting Progression this month is meticulously structured to guide you from foundational techniques to more advanced lifts. This step-by-step approach ensures a comprehensive development in your Weightlifting capabilities, setting the stage for significant achievements.

Virtuosity: Bodyweight

In Virtuosity, we’re going back to basics with Bodyweight mastery. This month is all about refining your Bodyweight movements, ensuring that every push-up, pull-up, and burpee is performed with precision and grace. It’s the perfect time to polish those fundamental skills that form the bedrock of all athletic endeavors.

Fun: Benchmarks

Get ready for the thrill of Benchmarks! This March, we’re bringing in the renowned CrossFit ® “named” workouts, including the Girl and Hero WODs. These challenges are not just workouts; they are milestones that allow you to measure your progress, set new goals, and achieve personal bests in a fun and competitive environment.


This month’s assessments include Weightlifting, Aerobic Power Intervals, and a special focus on Flexibility. You’ll notice additional flexibility, foam rolling, and mobility work integrated into our warmups and extra credit sessions, ensuring that you’re not only stronger but also more agile and less prone to injury.

Embrace the LIT Philosophy

As we embark on this exciting month, let’s recommit to the LIT (Levels, Intent, Themes) philosophy. This approach ensures that every workout is tailored to your level, designed with a clear intent, and structured around themes that keep your training diverse and engaging. Remember, consistency in following this philosophy is key to unlocking your full potential.

March Training Overview

A Season of Strength and Renewal

March at Urban Athletic Club is more than just a training schedule; it’s an opportunity to embrace the renewal that Spring brings, to push beyond your limits, and to emerge stronger, both physically and mentally. We’re excited to see you set new records, achieve new milestones, and enjoy every moment of your fitness journey.

Your dedication and hard work inspire us every day, and we can’t wait to support you through this month’s challenges. Let’s make March a month of remarkable achievements and personal growth. Here’s to a Spring filled with strength, skill, and success at Urban Athletic Club!

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