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Unpacking the Importance of Onboarding at Urban Athletic Club: Your First Step Towards a Fitter, Better You

Are you a fitness enthusiast in Washington DC, specifically around the Shaw neighborhood, scouting for a top-notch fitness center for group or personal training? Look no further, because Urban Athletic Club (UAC) has got you covered! Today, we want to talk about a key feature that sets us apart: our comprehensive Onboarding process for new members.

What Is Onboarding at UAC?

Simply put, Onboarding is our way of ensuring that you have a seamless and successful journey to reaching your fitness goals. Here’s what the process involves:

  • 3 to 5 Personal Training sessions
  • 15 Fitness Assessments to gauge your current athletic ability
  • Body Composition tests
  • Instruction and review of exercises and equipment
  • Introduction to UAC’s methodology and programming philosophy
  • Downloading and setting up fitness tracking apps

Let’s Dive Deeper

KickStart Assessments

Your Onboarding kicks off with what we call “KickStart Assessments”. These include 15 different fitness tests that rate your current athletic level on a color-coded scale, similar to martial arts rankings. This isn’t just about where you are now; it’s about creating a personalized roadmap to where you want to go.

InBody Scan

Next, you’ll have an InBody scan that measures your lean muscle mass, body fat, water weight, and overall weight. This data gives you and your coach a starting point to measure progress.

App Setup

Then, you’ll download and configure apps like Chalk it Pro, InBody, and Level Method to track your progress, ranging from strength and conditioning to attendance and goal setting.

Healthy Habit Foundations

Lastly, we set you up with our 6-week Healthy Habit foundations. Here, you’ll track your food, water, and sleep, and even receive tasty and nutritious recipes for all meals.

Novice or Advanced, We’ve Got You

For Beginners: If you’re a novice, our KickStart sessions are invaluable to learn the ropes—movements, form, and even how to scale up or down your workouts. Your coach will work with you one-on-one, making sure you’re comfortable and confident in your abilities.

For Veterans: For advanced athletes, we evaluate your technique to find opportunities for growth, and then help you achieve the next level in your fitness journey.

Understanding UAC Methodology

Your Onboarding is also a deep dive into UAC’s philosophy, methodology, and terminology. The Level Method Assessments, for instance, offer an objective snapshot of your fitness level, putting vague claims like “I’m fit” into perspective.

You’ll also learn about EMOMs, AMRAPs, Bulgarian Split Squats, Turkish Get-ups, and a whole lot more. Consider it a primer that gets you gym-literate, fast.

Get to Know You

Your one-on-one KickStart sessions also serve as an opportunity for us to understand you better: your motivations, life outside the gym, past exercise habits, challenges you may face, and who’s cheering for you from the sidelines.

Why Onboarding is Crucial

Onboarding is about setting you up for success both inside and outside the gym. It ensures you’re not wandering cluelessly on your first day, inundating the coach and other members with questions. Instead, you’re a well-prepared, motivated individual ready to crush your fitness goals from day one.

So if you’re serious about fitness and looking for a personalized, comprehensive, and effective approach, Urban Athletic Club’s Onboarding is the first step on your road to success. Come find us in the Shaw neighborhood; we’re excited to help you achieve your fitness dreams!

Start today. Achieve tomorrow. That’s the Urban Athletic Club way.