March Week 4

Testing Week | Weekly Programming Preview: March 25 – March 30

As March draws to a close, Urban Athletic Club wraps up this month’s programming with a focus on key fitness assessments: Weightlifting, Flexibility, and Aerobic Power Intervals. This week, we’re not just continuing our journey towards better fitness; we’re taking our achievements to new heights. Let’s delve into what this exciting week has in store for our community of Washingtonian professionals.

Monday & Thursday: The Weightlifting Assessment Days

This week, we kick off with our weightlifting assessments on Monday and Thursday. Athletes at Brown II level or above will have the opportunity to test their prowess in the snatch on Monday and the clean on Thursday. For all our other dedicated athletes, Monday and Thursday serve as days to both test and improve their weightlifting skills. These sessions are more than just assessments; they’re a celebration of how far you’ve come and a roadmap to where you’re headed.

The Workouts

  • Monday: Cosmic Crossing
    Dive into the week with four exhilarating rounds of Cosmic Crossing, featuring a 200m run, 20 sit-ups, and 10 hang power cleans. It’s not just a workout; it’s an adventure.
  • Tuesday: Strict Press and Accessory Work
    Tuesday brings us to focus on the strict press, gradually building up the weight. Complement this with arms-only wall balls and kneeling band lat pulldowns for a balanced challenge.
  • Wednesday: Desert Mirage
    Prepare for Desert Mirage, a 16-minute long-duration workout with double-unders and strict pull-ups, interspersed with pull-ups every two minutes. It’s an endurance test that mirrors the mirages of effort and achievement.
  • Friday: Aerobic Power Intervals Assessment
    A 17-minute intense session awaits to challenge and gauge your aerobic power. It’s tough, it’s fun, and it’s a testament to your endurance and spirit.
  • Saturday: Back Squats & Partner Workout
    The week concludes with back squats, followed by an 18-minute partner workout featuring pull-ups, plate squats, and plate carries. It’s a day to unite, uplift, and celebrate the community strength of UAC.

Throughout the week, flexibility assessments will be woven into our routine, offering a comprehensive approach to our fitness journey. Be sure to log into Chalk It to stay updated on your levels and come prepared to surpass your limits.

Wrap-Up & Reminders

As we reflect on this month’s progress and look forward to the next, remember the importance of rest, hydration, and reviewing the complete programming in Chalk It Pro. This week is a vibrant mix of challenges and milestones, embodying our commitment to not just fitness but to a lifestyle of health, strength, and community.

Urban Athletic Club isn’t just a gym; it’s a movement. A movement towards better health, remarkable achievements, and a community that stands strong together. If you’re not yet a part of our community, now is the perfect time to join us. Experience the blend of sophistication and dynamism that UAC offers. Let’s build strength in our body and minds!

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