April Programming Overview

Urban Athletic Club’s April Programming: Ascending Your Fitness Journey

Welcome to April at Urban Athletic Club and Spring in DC! This month, we’re focusing on enhancing your strength, endurance, and overall wellness with a dynamic 4-week programming slate that promises to challenge and inspire. Here’s a glimpse into what we’ve got in store for you.

Electrify Your Strength: Bodybuilding Focus

April’s Electricity Discipline zeroes in on Bodybuilding, emphasizing muscle growth and strength through rep ranges of 8 to 12, and will incorporate tempo lifting to ensure maximum efficiency and effectiveness. Accessory lifts complement the strength components, adding depth and diversity to your regimen.

Breathe In, Breathe Out: Ventilation System

This month, we embrace longer conditioning workouts under our Ventilation System, focusing on breathing rather than muscular intensity. Prepare for running and intertwined workouts that push your limits and enhance your respiratory capabilities.

Progressive Mastery: Front Squat

Our progression throughout April shines a spotlight on the Front Squat. Each week, we’ll progressively move from 8 reps down to 3, culminating in a thorough assessment in Week Four. Coupled with this is our commitment to improving front rack mobility, ensuring you’re gaining strength and enhancing your flexibility.

Dumbbell Virtuosity: Mastering Unilateral Movements

Dumbbells take center stage in our Virtuosity theme. Get ready for an array of dumbbell-centric workouts, including man-makers and devil presses, that will test your balance, strength, and coordination in new and challenging ways.

A Month of Fun: Games and Challenges

April won’t be all work and no play. Our Fun workouts are inspired by CrossFit Games metcons, Hyrox event challenges, and partner workouts, offering you a chance to test your fitness in a competitive yet supportive environment.

Assess, Adjust, Achieve

Our assessments this month focus on Front Squats, Kettlebells, and Running. By evaluating your performance in these areas, we’ll help you identify strengths and areas for improvement, guiding your fitness journey with precision.

Extra Credit: Beyond the Basics

Embrace extra credit opportunities focused on Durability to enhance your Front Squat progressions, Kettlebell movements for leveling up, and Mobility workouts for an overall life boost.

April Programming: Embark on the Journey

This April, we invite you to dive deep into a program designed to push your boundaries, enhance your strengths, and address your weaknesses. With a blend of Bodybuilding, focused breathing workouts, and challenging assessments, there’s something for every athlete at Urban Athletic Club.

Remember, consistency is key. Schedule your workouts, prioritize rest, and join us in the gym for a month of unparalleled growth and community spirit. Here’s to reaching new heights together!

Urban Athletic Club is more than just a gym; it’s a community committed to excellence, growth, and the joy of fitness. See you in the gym!