May 2024

May 2024: Strength + Conditioning Training Overview

This May, Urban Athletic Club is thrilled to present a strength and conditioning training program designed to harness the power of bodyweight mastery and barbell expertise. Our focus is on two critical aspects: the Electricity discipline of gymnastics and the Muscle-driven Plumbing energy system, which together will help you advance through the art of physical conditioning without the excessive need for recovery breathers.

Electricity Discipline: Gymnastics

Prepare to elevate your body’s capability with gymnastic disciplines that demand not just strength, but precision and control. This month, we’re diving deep into exercises like pull-ups, push-ups, lunges, ring work, and handstands. Each session is crafted to progressively build your ability in these areas, enhancing your body’s natural movement and stability.

Energy System: Plumbing

We’re focusing on muscle-centric workouts, where the intensity comes from the load and exertion rather than breathlessness. This means engaging in workouts that will build muscular endurance and strength efficiently, with a particular emphasis on targeted resistance training.

Strength Progression: Pull-ups

Our monthly progression is centered on pull-ups—a fundamental skill that benefits almost every aspect of physical fitness. Over the four weeks, expect a structured increase in intensity and complexity, ensuring that by the end of the month, you’ll see significant improvements in both form and strength.

Virtuosity: Barbell Mastery

Barbell exercises will be a central theme this month. From cycling to complex lifts, these sessions are designed to refine your technique and increase your comfort with various barbell movements. It’s an excellent opportunity for both beginners and advanced athletes to enhance their lifting proficiency.

Fun Workouts

Experience the thrill of shared challenges with our Fun workouts sourced from the Level Method Legion. These community-tested workouts provide a fresh perspective on training, bringing new challenges and excitement to your routine. Plus, don’t miss out on the special Memorial Day tradition—tackling the “Murph” workout on both Saturday and Monday, a blend of community and challenge.

Extra Credit: Durability, Mobility, and Ring Work

To support your gymnastic ambitions, each session will have detailed work focusing on durability, mobility, and specialized ring work. These sessions are crucial for those looking to level up at the end of the cycle, providing the necessary tools to enhance your gymnastic skills effectively.

Assessment and Progress

At the end of the month, we will conduct assessments on upper body pull and rings, giving you a clear measure of your progress and areas for improvement. This structured assessment ensures that everyone, from beginners to advanced athletes, has a clear understanding of their capabilities and progression path.

Join Us This May

Every workout this month is designed to cater to all skill levels, ensuring that no matter where you are in your fitness journey, you can participate and progress. Whether you’re refining basic movements or advancing to more complex techniques, our program is built to support your growth and help you achieve your fitness goals.

Embrace the challenge this May at Urban Athletic Club—where every workout isn’t just about getting stronger, it’s about becoming more adept, more resilient, and more in tune with your body’s potential. Join us and see how far you can go!