May week 3

May Week 3 May Programming: Master Your Body Skills

As we plow through May, Urban Athletic Club is keeping the focus on gymnastics—a discipline that emphasizes body movements and calisthenics. From Push-Ups to Handstands, we’re exploring the spectrum of movements that require not just physical strength but also precision and control. This week’s lineup promises a diverse mix of challenges that will push your limits and elevate your capabilities.

Monday – “Falcon Drive”

Kick off your week with “Falcon Drive,” a dynamic workout that combines Handstand Push-Ups and a Shuttle Run followed by Sit-Ups and Air Squats. We’ll wrap up with Upper Body accessory work—Dumbbell Benchpress and Rows —to ensure a comprehensive upper body burn.

Tuesday – Power Cleans Day

Tuesday’s focus is Power Cleans. Start by building up to a heavy set to test your limits. This will seamlessly transition into a repeating cycle every four minutes for five rounds, involving Hang Power Cleans and your choice of Rowing or Biking. It’s a perfect blend of strength and endurance.

Wednesday – “Total Eclipse”

Midweek brings you “Total Eclipse,” starting with a progression from Scap Pull-Ups to Weighted Pull-Ups, tuning both technique and strength. The workout itself is a five-round challenge of Bar Muscle-Ups, Deadlifts, and Box Jumps. This combination is designed to enhance your explosive power and muscular endurance.

Thursday – “Ocean Drift”

“Ocean Drift” sets the tone for Thursday with six rounds of Ring Rows or Ring Muscle-Ups followed by Step-Ups and Farmer’s Carries. This workout is all about maintaining consistency and muscle engagement through varied, functional movements.

Friday – Ring Work and “Fertile Soil”

Focus on Rings this Friday, progressing towards a Weighted Ring Dip. The main workout, “Fertile Soil,” consists of a 15-minute AMRAP of Toes to Bar, Push-Ups, and Dumbbell Hang Cleans. This sequence challenges your core stability and upper body strength in a continuous flow.

Saturday – Partner Workout “Cliff”

The weekend kicks off with “Cliff,” a fun Partner Workout. Prepare for a 4-minute run combined with Push Presses, Front Squats, Power Cleans, and Synchronized Burpees. It’s a day to synergize with your workout partner and push each other towards your limits.

Sunday – Coach El’s Special Partner Workout

Wrap up your week with another partner workout guided by Coach El, focusing on teamwork and mutual motivation to tackle the challenges set out for the day.

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