July Overview

July 2024 Programming Overview + Week 1 Workouts

Welcome to another month of dynamic and challenging workouts at Urban Athletic Club! July’s programming is designed to enhance your strength, conditioning, and overall fitness through a structured, engaging, and progressive approach, following the principles of the LIT (Levels, Intent, Themes) programming philosophy. Our focus this month centers around the Deadlift progression, ensuring a comprehensive blend of powerlifting, bodyweight exercises, and fun game elements to keep you motivated and progressing.

Monthly Focus

  • Electricity Discipline: Powerlifting
  • System: Plumbing
  • Progression: Deadlift
  • Virtuosity: Bodyweight
  • Fun: Games
  • Assessments: Deadlift, Lactic Tolerance

Week 1 Breakdown

Monday: July 2024 Programming starts with Deadlifts! Each week we will progress this lift!. Followed by a 12-minute cap workout featuring four rounds of Power Cleans, Box Jumps, and calories on the cardio machine.

Tuesday: Engage in a Conditioning workout named “Asteroid Belt,” consisting of Sit-ups, Runs, and Pull-ups.

Wednesday: Focus on Bench Press followed by a 14-minute AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible) of bodyweight exercises including Handstands/Inversions, Pistol Squats, Push-ups, and Air Squats.

Thursday: Challenge yourself with a fun CrossFit Games workout, “CrossFit Qualifier 23.5,” involving Deadlifts, Pull-ups, Bar Muscle Ups, and more Deadlifts.

Friday: Tackle another conditioning session with five rounds of Cardio for calories, Burpees, and one-minute rest intervals.

Saturday: Strengthen your lower body with Front Squats followed by a partner workout.

Sunday: Partner up for a “Death By” workout, ensuring a strong finish to the week.


  • July 4th Class: Celebrate Independence Day with a special class at 9:30 AM. Bring a friend and share the fun! Check Chalk Talk for the link and QR code to invite friends.
  • Registration: Remember to register ahead of time so our coaches can be ready for you and hold you accountable!
  • Score Entry: Enter your scores after every session to track progress. Need help? Ask a coach.
  • Goal Review: Schedule your goal review to discuss your achievements and set new targets.

At Urban Athletic Club, we are committed to supporting your fitness journey with structured programming that challenges and motivates you. Let’s make July a month of strength, growth, and community! Not a member yet? Book a Discovery Call to learn about the UAC difference.