Testing Week | Final Week of June Programming

As we wrap up June, we’ve prepared an intense lineup of workouts and assessments to challenge your strength, endurance, and overall fitness. Here’s the detailed plan for the final week:

Monday, June 24

Upper Body Push Test

Get ready to test your level. From Pushups to Strict Press to Handstands, you’ll be challenged along the way to level up!

Workout: “Gas Line”

  • 4 rounds for total reps:
    • 1:00 Row for calories
    • 1:00 Russian Kettlebell Swings (70/53)
    • 1:00 Box Step-ups (24/20)
    • 1:00 Ring Rows
    • 1:00 Rest

Tuesday, June 25

Make-up Day for Upper Body Push Test

Workout: “Power Clean”

  • EMOM x 10
    • 2 Hang Squat Cleans
    • Add weight every other set

Wednesday, June 26

Neurological and Core Endurance Assessment

Jump rope and core. Get your timing down for single-unders and double-unders.

Want to improve your Double-unders? Check out this blog post.

Accessory Work:

  • 4 sets for quality:
    • 5 Jefferson Curls
    • 5 Weighted Pull-ups
    • 5 Cossack Squats each side
    • 5 Petersen Step-ups each side

Thursday, June 27

Make-up Day for Neurological and Core Endurance Assessment

Workout: “Deadlift”

  • 15 minutes, lift every 2:30
    • Accumulate 4-6 sets of 3 Deadlifts
    • Accessory Work within each round:
    • POWER: 3 Box Jumps
    • CORE: 15 sec Copenhagen Plank from Knee each side

Friday, June 28

Workout: “The Finer Things”

  • 22 minutes:
    • 12-18-24-30, etc.
      • Kettlebell Walking Lunges (70/53)
      • Dumbbell Bridge Press
      • 400m Run
  • Accessory Work:
    • 4 sets for quality:
    • 8 Lateral Box Step-ups each side
    • 10 Single-Leg Glute Bridges each side
    • 30 sec Calf Stretch each side

Saturday, June 29

Partner Workout

Workout: “Partner Kalsu”

  • In partners, for time (35 min CAP):
    • 150 Thrusters (115/85)
    • EMOM: 5 Burpees (both partners do Burpees)

Sunday, June 30

Partner WOD

  • End the week with a fun partner workout to wrap up June’s programming!

June Programming Overview and the Importance of Assessments

This month at Urban Athletic Club, we’ve focused on building upper body strength, improving endurance, and mastering kettlebell techniques, all while having fun with benchmark workouts. Assessing your progress is vital to success and motivation. It provides a clear picture of where you stand and helps set achievable goals for the future. Regular assessments ensure that you’re continually progressing and allow you to make necessary adjustments to your training regimen.

Why Assess Your Progress?

  1. Track Your Improvement: Assessments show how far you’ve come and highlight areas that need more focus.
  2. Stay Motivated: Seeing tangible progress can boost your motivation and keep you engaged in your fitness journey.
  3. Set Goals: Knowing your current level helps in setting realistic and challenging goals.
  4. Customize Training: Assessments help tailor your workouts to your current fitness level, ensuring you’re working out at the right intensity.

Tips for Assessing Your Levels:

  • Check-In: Always check your levels in Chalk It Pro before you test.
  • Warm-Up: Start a few levels lower and use it as a warm-up.
  • Gradual Increase: Perform a few levels before going for your level-up attempt.
  • Log Performance: Whether you level up or not, log your performance. It provides valuable data for future assessments.

Remember, levels are dynamic and can change based on your training consistency, sleep, nutrition, and lifestyle. They are not static and should be regularly updated to reflect your current abilities.

Stay motivated and push your limits this final week of June at Urban Athletic Club! Not a member yet? Join us today and be part of our vibrant fitness community. Book a discovery call today!

Let’s make this week the best yet!