June Programming Recap

June Programming Results Recap at Urban Athletic Club

June was an incredible month at Urban Athletic Club, filled with challenging workouts, personal bests, and community events that brought us all closer together. Let’s take a moment to reflect on the highlights of the past month and celebrate our achievements.

June Programming Focus

  • Electricity Discipline: Bodybuilding
  • Energy System: Ventilation
  • Progression: Pressing
  • Virtuosity: Unilateral Kettlebell
  • Fun: Benchmark Workouts

Monthly Assessments

  • Upper Body Push
  • Neurological and Core

June Highlights

Crystallization Workout: We kicked off the month with a grueling 10/12/14/16 reps of pull-ups, air squats, toes-to-bar, and more squats. It was a challenging start that set the tone for the month.

So Many Partner Workouts: On Saturday the 15th and Sunday the 16th, we enjoyed fun partner workouts, emphasizing teamwork and camaraderie.

Pride Workout – Mattachine Society: On Sunday the 23rd, we held a special Pride workout to celebrate and support our LGBTQ+ community. It was a vibrant and inclusive event that showcased the strength of our diverse community.

Achievements and Level Ups

Our progressive programming format, focusing on the electricity discipline and upper body push progression, led to significant improvements across the board.

  • Upper Body Push Level Ups: 13 members leveled up in this category.
  • Neurological and Core Assessments: 11 level-ups.
  • Overall Level Ups: 3 members achieved higher overall levels.
    • Special shoutouts to:
      • Collin: From Yellow 3 to Orange
      • Nick K: From Blue to Blue 2
      • Coach Mike: From Orange 1 to Orange 2

We also saw 12 additional level-ups in various categories, including deadlifts, rings, rowing, squats, endurance, and weightlifting.

Personal Records (PRs)

June was a month of breaking barriers and setting new personal records:

  • Back Squat PRs: 23
  • Deadlift PRs: 21
  • Power Clean PRs: 14
  • Strict Press PRs: 16
  • Barbell Row PRs: 18

Congratulations to Rachel, who improved her deadlift level twice this month!


This month, we focused on unilateral kettlebell exercises, including goblet lunges, single-leg kettlebell deadlifts, suitcase deadlifts, suitcase carries, and front rack carries. These exercises emphasized balance, coordination, and functional strength, adding a new dimension to our training.

Virtuosity is “doing the common uncommonly well.” By taking several weeks to develop skills and strength, we help each member advance their fitness level.

Importance of Tracking Progress

We want to take a minute to remind members to enter their scores after every workout. Tracking your sets, repetitions, and weight helps you plan each session and provides psychological motivation by highlighting your progress. For example, knowing that you set a PR last month helps gauge your development more accurately than comparing it to a year ago. This continuous tracking aligns with our Level Method programming, which incorporates 4 to 5 weeks of progressive overload in strength training, ensuring constant improvement.

Looking Ahead

We start a new cycle on Monday, July 1, and we can’t wait to see you in class. Keep an eye out for our upcoming email or blog post where we will announce July’s programming details.

Let’s continue to build on this momentum and make July even more spectacular!

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