June 2023 Recap | Celebrating Success at Urban Athletic Club

June was a phenomenal month at Urban Athletic Club, characterized by impressive feats of strength, determination, and many level-ups! Members: you took your athletic prowess to the next level, proving once again that you are dedicated to results!

Leveling up!

This month’s training core was three of the 15 Level Method assessments: Rings, Upper Body Pull, and Neurological & Core. Our athletes rose to the challenge, showcasing grit and resilience in their quests for improved performance.

Our members made outstanding strides in the Rings assessment, with 15 athletes leveling up. Similarly, Upper Body Pull saw a significant boost, with 16 athletes leveling up. In the Neurological & Core category, 12 athletes upped their mark! 

These successes amounted to 191 new levels across our membership – a testament to our athletes’ hard work, discipline, and perseverance.


Personal Records

June was not just about leveling up but also about setting new personal records (PRs). We had a whopping 118 PRs, including 16 Power Clean PRs, 8 Back Squat PRs, and 9 Deadlift PRs. The determination to consistently improve and set new records is one of the hallmarks of our thriving community.



Six members made significant leaps, increasing their Overall Levels, and we celebrated as seven members reached the coveted Red Elite Level. 



New Members

While we applaud our veterans’ accomplishments, we welcome 13 new members joining the Urban Athletic Club family this June. We’re thrilled to have you with us and can’t wait to be part of your fitness journey.

Please take a minute to welcome the following people to UAC!

  • Esther
  • Eve
  • Jenna
  • Brandon
  • Ben
  • Xander
  • Sam
  • Rebecca
  • Belinda
  • Holly
  • Courtney
  • Tom
  • Corey



And a departure

However, with every hello, there sometimes comes a goodbye. This month we bid farewell to our beloved Coach Jenn Neal, who is moving on to explore greener pastures in Chicago. Her unwavering commitment, infectious energy, and profound expertise have been instrumental in shaping the Urban Athletic Club’s ethos. All of us at UAC cherish Jenn’s contribution to our community, and while we’re sad to see her go, we are excited about her new journey and wish her the best.



Tracking and Celebrating

At Urban Athletic Club, we believe in tracking results and celebrating victories, no matter how small. Every Ring Dip, every extra pull-up, and every pound added to the barbell matters. It’s all part of the bigger picture that culminates in improved fitness, health, and a stronger community. 

We keep meticulous records of each member’s performance, helping us tailor training to individual needs and track progress. This method ensures our members are moving in the right direction and fosters a sense of accomplishment as they see their numbers improve.

Celebrating each achievement, even something as one more Ring Dip, validates hard work, fuels motivation, and reminds us that progress is possible. Each personal victory is a testament to the spirit of perseverance that embodies the Urban Athletic Club.

June was a memorable month, and we’re excited to see what July brings. Let’s continue to work hard, support each other, and celebrate every win. To our fantastic athletes – you’ve done incredible work. Keep pushing, improving, and reaching for those PRs and new levels. Here’s to another successful month at Urban Athletic Club!