June 2023 | Week 4 TESTING WEEK!

UAC Shaw’s Week 4 June Fitness Training Schedule: Test Week Awaits!

Hello Urban Athletes!

Welcome to Week 4 of our June fitness training program at Urban Athletic Club Shaw. This week is pivotal in our summer fitness journey – it’s Test Week! This is our chance to assess and celebrate our progress in areas like Upper Body Pull (Monday, make-up Tuesday), Rings, and Neurological & Core strength (Thursday and make-up Friday). Let’s dive into the details:

Monday: Upper Body Pull Test and ‘Task Tabata’

We kick off the week with an Upper Body Pull-up Test followed by our Workout of the Day (WOD), “Task Tabata.” This high-intensity interval workout includes four exercises:

  • 20-sec Pull-ups
  • 10-sec Rest
  • 20-sec Pushups
  • 10-sec Rest
  • 20-sec Abmat Situps
  • 10-sec Rest
  • 20-sec Air Squats
  • 10-sec Rest

Tuesday: “LA River

Our Tuesday routine starts with a ‘Buy-in’ 600m run, followed by five rounds of 16 Db Snatch and 16 Db Walking Lunges, and concludes with a ‘Buy-out’ 600m run. Our accessory work for the day includes four sets of 15 Lateral Raise, 8 Y-T-Ws, and 15 Reverse Db Flys.

Wednesday: “Valet Parking

Mid-week, we turn up the heat with “Valet Parking.” Every 3 minutes, complete 6 Squat Cleans and 12 Burpee Box Jump Overs, repeating this cycle seven times.

Thursday: Rings and Neurological & Core Test

Thursday’s schedule highlights the Rings and Neurological & Core Test, which will help us understand where we are and how far we’ve come.

Friday: Power Snatch + OH Squat and ‘Jeep Safari’

Kickstart your Friday with a 10-minute EMOM Power Snatch + OH Squat, then transition into the WOD, “Jeep Safari.” This includes 4-8-12-8-4-8, Hang Power Snatch, 8 Overhead Squats, and a 200m Run.

Saturday: Front Squats and ‘Charcoal’

Round off the week with some front squats and accessory work. Our final WOD of the week is “Charcoal.” Done in pairs, it includes three sets each of 12-15 Barbell Rows, and 15-20 BB RDLs with as much rest as needed. Follow this with three more sets each of 12-15 Floor Press and 15-20 Db Lateral Raises.

Remember, every workout allows you to test your boundaries and push yourself further. Embrace the challenges of Test Week, and don’t forget that this journey is yours. Celebrate every progress and keep striving towards your personal best.

Stay strong, stay dedicated. See you at UAC!