Embrace the Challenge: July’s Training Block at Urban Athletic Club Shaw

Summer is in full swing at Urban Athletic Club Shaw, and this July, we’re turning up the heat with an exhilarating new 4-week training block! It’s time to push past limits, conquer new heights, and transform potential into power. Here’s a sneak peek of what we have in store for you:

Power Up with Bodybuilding

Muscle growth and strength development are on the menu this July. Our workouts will concentrate on the bodybuilding theme with rep ranges in the 8-15 spectrum. This focus not only aids in increasing muscle size but also enhances strength for our other training components. It’s all about building that base!

Ventilation: Unlock Your Breathing Potential

One of the often-overlooked aspects of fitness is the power of proper breathing. This month, we will be working on improving lung capacity through ventilation training workouts. By optimizing our breathing patterns during intense, mono structural workouts like running, rowing, and rope jumping, we can significantly enhance our athletic performance across all disciplines. Prepare to feel your stamina soar!

Master the 20-rep Back Squat

We are challenging you to progressively increase your squatting prowess, focusing on 20-rep back squats. This perfect combination of strength and endurance training allows you to enhance your overall squat form, power, and stamina. Get ready to feel the burn!

Virtuosity with Dumbbells

Improving our skills with dumbbells is another exciting theme we’re focusing on this month. The right technique can dramatically increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your workouts. Mastering the balance and mechanics of dumbbell work can help you get the most from every single lift.

Fun with Classic CrossFit Hero WODs

July also brings us some good, old-fashioned CrossFit fun! We’ll tackle a selection of the classic Hero Workouts of the Day (WODs). These challenging routines are a fantastic way to measure your progress, test your limits, and pay tribute to the heroes in the CrossFit community.

Running and Squat Endurance Tests

Finally, we’ll put our hard work to the test with running and squat endurance challenges. These tests allow us to see exactly how far we’ve come over the past few weeks. There’s nothing more rewarding than seeing the concrete results of your dedication and effort!

What makes our program uniquely accessible is the Level Method programming we implement. This allows each athlete to scale every workout to their exact ability. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or a fitness newbie, this July’s 4-week training block is designed to challenge, inspire, and uplift you.

Here at Urban Athletic Club Shaw, we’re more than just a gym—we’re a community. Together, we strive, sweat, and celebrate each other’s achievements. We can’t wait to see the progress each of you will make in this July’s training block.

Get ready to unleash your potential. Let’s bring the power, Urban Athletic Club Shaw! Let’s conquer July!

Keep up the hard work, and remember: you’re stronger than you think.