September’s Strength and Conditioning Programming at Urban Athletic Club

Welcome to September, athletes! We’re excited to unveil this month’s programming, engineered to help you smash your fitness goals while simultaneously providing exposure to new worlds within fitness. At UAC, our programming isn’t just about lifting weights and getting sweaty; it’s about an immersive, holistic, well-rounded approach to health and performance.

Let’s dive into our September themes:

  • Electricity Discipline: Gymnastics
  • System: Ventilation
  • Progression: Press
  • Virtuosity: Barbell
  • Fun: CrossFit Games workouts
  • Assessments: Neurological and Core, Upper Body Push, Upper/Lower Endurance.

Electricity Discipline: Gymnastics

September will electrify your fitness regimen with a focus on Gymnastics in our Electricity Discipline theme. This month, expect an emphasis on body control, stability, and tension. From handstand push-ups to ring and bar muscle-ups — and the scaled version of these movements — the gymnastics-centric workouts will challenge your core and help improve your proprioception. The high muscular tension will ensure you are truly firing on all cylinders!

System: Ventilation

We are in a “Ventilation” month on the energy system front. Translation: more focus on respiratory-based exercises. You’ll find lighter weights and longer workouts to enhance your lung capacity and endurance. But don’t worry, the difference will be subtle enough that you won’t notice unless we point it out.

Progression: Press

Say hello to shoulder gains this month! Our MAP Strength Progression theme will focus on the Press. Over a span of 4-5 weeks, we’ll systematically build your upper body pushing capacity, preparing you for an assessment by month’s end. Whether you’re an early or advanced-level athlete, following our programming will guarantee consistent progress in your pressing movements.

Virtuosity: Barbell

Master the basics with an extra flair! Virtuosity in September means honing in on barbell techniques. Whether it’s snatches, cleans, or deadlifts, we’re going back to the basics but with an eye for perfection. Each workout will have elements aimed at improving your skill set and efficiency in barbell work.

Fun: CrossFit® Games Workouts

Who says training can’t be fun? Although our primary focus is always results, we’ve sprinkled a few Games-inspired workouts for that extra dose of enjoyment and competition. Get ready to test your mettle against some of the most iconic WODs.

Assessments: Neurological and Core, Upper Body Push, Upper/Lower Endurance

At the end of the month, we’ll be conducting assessments focusing on Neurological and Core strength, Upper Body Push, and Upper/Lower Endurance. These assessments aren’t just a way to measure your gains but also an opportunity to set new targets for the months ahead.

Why Themes?

Our approach to Themes provides structure and ensures a well-rounded fitness program. They allow us to focus on different aspects of fitness, ensuring that nothing crucial is left out. With this structured yet flexible approach, we can be creative in planning weekly workouts while ensuring that you’re becoming a complete athlete each month, each quarter, and each year. Read more here.

Thank you for being a part of the UAC Shaw family. Here’s to making September a transformative month in your fitness journey!

Train hard. Train smart.

Your UAC Team