September 2023 | Week 1

First Week of September Programming at Urban Athletic Club: Ignite Your Fitness

Welcome to the first week of September at Urban Athletic Club! This week is jam-packed with workouts designed to ignite your fitness journey and align perfectly with our September themes: Electricity Discipline: Gymnastics, System: Ventilation, Progression: Press, Virtuosity: Barbell, and more.

Remember, all workouts are scaled to meet each athlete’s level—we offer 8 levels of programming to ensure you get the most out of each session. This week’s programming is in Chalk It Pro (CHIP).

Monday: Labor Day – ‘Stone Garden’

Kick off your week—and the holiday—with a special Labor Day workout. ‘Stone Garden’ involves a buy-in and cash-out of JUMP ROPES, sandwiching 6 grueling rounds of THRUSTERS, BURPEES, and CARDIO CALORIES. And we don’t stop there; we’re wrapping it up with some core and shoulder accessory work to ensure you’re all rounded off.

Tuesday: ‘Pressing and Pine Cone’

  • Pressing Based on Levels: Whether you’re at a lower level, focusing on PUSH-UPS, or at a higher level working on your PRESSES, Tuesday is all about upper body strength. Antagonist movements will also be incorporated to balance out your workout.
  • Pine Cone: End your Tuesday with a 10-minute AMRAP featuring POWER CLEANS, JERKS, and BURPEE BOX JUMPS. It’s quick, intense, and will get your heart pumping.

Wednesday: ‘Ring Skill and Folding Chair’

  • Ring Skill Work: Following our Electricity Discipline: Gymnastics theme, we dive into RING SKILL work. Perfect your technique and body control.
  • Folding Chair: The MET-CON for the day is a 14-minute AMRAP of TOES TO RING, KETTLEBELL SWINGS, and JUMP ROPES. This will test your endurance and your ability to maintain form under fatigue.

Thursday: ‘Deadlifts and Four Wheel Drive’

  • Deadlifts with Isometric and Antagonist Accessory: Work on your DEADLIFTS and round off the session with ISOMETRIC and ANTAGONIST ACCESSORY exercises.
  • Four Wheel Drive: The finale for Thursday is a 20-minute AMRAP that will challenge your limits and push you to achieve more.

Friday: ‘CrossFit® Open 19.1 and Bench Press’

  • CrossFit® Open 19.1: Get ready to tackle 19 WALL BALLS and 19 CALORIES in this classic CrossFit workout.
  • Bench Press and Accessory Work: Don’t worry; we didn’t forget about the bench. Additional BENCH PRESS and accessory work will ensure you leave the gym feeling accomplished.

Saturday: ‘Pagoda’

A grueling five-round-for-time workout featuring MUSCLE-UPS, SQUATS, and JUMP ROPES, ‘Pagoda’ is designed to test your limits while offering a full-body workout.

Sunday: Partner WOD

Cap off the week with our Sunday Partner WOD, because fitness is more fun with friends! Work in tandem to achieve new heights and solidify your gains over the week.

Ready to take your fitness to the next level? Then let’s make this week count!

Your UAC Team.