Month Programing recap At Urban Athletic Club

August Wrap-up and the Power of Tracking Results

Hello Urban Athletic Club Members!

We’re excited to share a recap of August’s remarkable performances! August was a pivotal month focused on several essential elements to improve your athletic prowess. Our themes for the month were:

  • Electricity Discipline: Powerlifting
  • Progression: Deadlift
  • System: Plumbing
  • Virtuosity: Bodyweight
  • Fun: Girls
  • Assessments: Deadlift, Lactic Tolerance

Want to read more about “Themes?” Check out this blog post.

The results are now in, and we’re thrilled to celebrate your efforts and accomplishments!

Personal Records

Firstly, let’s dive into the most exciting numbers—Personal Records (PRs). Last month, you all set an impressive 165 Personal Records! Here’s how they broke down:

  • Deadlift: 57 PRs
  • Back Squat: 33 PRs
  • Bench Press: 26 PRs
  • Power Clean: 12 PRs
  • Pullups: 12 PRs
  • Bulgarian Split Squat: 8 PRs

Seeing so many of you excel in the deadlift, especially with 57 new personal records, is a testament to your hard work and dedication. This is particularly significant considering our August theme of focusing on Deadlift Progression. Well done, everyone!

Level Ups

In August, we also had 36 Level Ups Overall, a fantastic feat that signifies improvement in raw strength and overall athletic ability. Specifically, we observed:

  • Deadlift Level Ups: 14
  • Lactic Tolerance Level Ups: 13

Hitting these new levels suggests that many of you excel in strength and your ability to tolerate more intensive exercise regimens.

The Importance of Tracking Results

We can’t stress enough how important it is to enter your scores and track your results consistently. This tracking system is your personal roadmap to success. It gives you a quantifiable way to measure your improvements, strengths, and areas where you might need more focus. More than that, tracking your results provides invaluable feedback about your training and fuels your motivation, especially when you’re not feeling your best. Remember, what gets measured gets improved.

Final Thoughts

The upward trajectory of these stats directly reflects the discipline, effort, and commitment each of you has invested in your training. Whether focused on powerlifting, deadlifting, or bodyweight exercises, adding muscle mass, or decreasing your body fat, tracking your progress sets you on a clear path to achieving your fitness goals.

Congratulations to everyone for making August an incredibly successful month at Urban Athletic Club. Keep up the fantastic work, and here’s to breaking more records in September!

Stay strong,
Graham King and the Urban Athletic Club Team