Mural in Vlagden Alley in DC, one block from Urban Athletic Club

October Week 3: Unleash Your Potential: A Week of Game-Changing Workouts at Urban Athletic Club

Hey there, fitness enthusiasts! Another incredible week is about to kick off at Urban Athletic Club; you don’t want to miss this one. We’ve dialed the intensity, tossed in some fun, and sprinkled in teamwork—just for good measure. Trust us; this programming will ignite your muscles and fuel your soul.

Monday: Deadlifts & DT, But Make it Shorter

We’re starting the week strong with the alpha of all lifts: deadlifts. We’ve paired it with dumbbell shrugs and goblet squats to make things even better. But wait, we’ve got a special surprise: a shorter, snappier version of DT, amped up with double unders! And don’t worry, we’ve scheduled some rest between rounds because, well, we’re not monsters.

Tuesday: Run, Row, Repeat!

Tuesday’s all about the trifecta: ring rows, overhead lunges, and sit-ups. As if that’s not enough, we’re making it interesting with a 600 m run after each round. Plus, we’re finishing off with shoulder accessories to keep you in tip-top shape.

Wednesday: Lift Off with Snatches

Mid-week, it’s time to get your weightlifting groove on. In just 12 minutes, you’ll be doing snatches every minute on the minute (EMOM). To keep things spicy, we have the ‘Alpha Centauri’—dumbbell snatches and double unders, 10 + 10 reps each round, maxing out at 50 reps.

Thursday: Sky-High Aspirations

Hold on tight; Thursday is a rollercoaster! We kick things off with pull-ups, accessorized by farmers carries and barbell jerks. Our workout of the day, ‘Snowy Peak’, is a wintry mix of Russian kettlebell swings, bodybuilders, and muscle-ups. Trust us, this one’s a crowd-pleaser!

TGIF: Trespass into the Danger Zone

Friday is no joke. ‘Trespassing’ awaits with thrusters and rowing for a high-intensity, short workout—four rounds with a 3-minute rest in between. Want to round out the week strong? A 9-minute EMOM core accessory will seal the deal.

Saturday: Hop Like a Tree Frog

Saturday’s ‘Tree Frog’ is as fun as it sounds. Navigate through toes-to-bar, goblet squats, ring push-ups, then back to goblet squats and toes-to-bar. We cap it off with Turkish get-ups and side planks for that extra core and strength work.

Sunday: Partner Up!

End the week on a high note with our much-loved partner workout! What better way to say ‘well done’ than a high-five from your workout buddy?

Accountability and Goal Reviews

Don’t forget to schedule your workouts in Chalk It Pro and your calendar. It’ll help you stay accountable and committed. If you struggle to reach your goals, don’t hesitate to book a goal review plan with us.

Remember, every workout comes in seven levels—there’s something for athletes of every ability!

Ready to crush it? See you at the gym!