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October 2023 | Assessment Week [10/23 – 10/29]

Hello UAC Members,

Get ready for an action-packed week ahead! From October 23 to October 29, we’re diving into Assessment Week—a golden opportunity to track your fitness journey and set new goals.

What to Expect This Week

Monday: Weightlifting Assessments & “Dropship”

  • Assessment: Weightlifting
  • Workout: Dropship
  • Movements: Snatches, Push-ups, Knee raises or Toes to bar
  • Goal: 4+ Rounds in 11 Minutes
  • Energy System: Breath & Burn
  • Levels Consideration: Weightlifting rings, Neurological and Core

Tuesday: “Katana”

  • Skill: Front Squats
  • Workout: Katana
  • Movements: Jump Rope, Single Arm Dumbbell Man Makers, Chin-Ups or Pull-Ups
  • Goal: 5 Rounds in Under 20 Minutes
  • Energy System: Heavy Breather & Burn

Wednesday: Weightlifting & EMOM Snatches

  • Assessment: Weightlifting (For those who missed Monday or want a redo)
  • Workout: Every Minute On The Minute (EMOM) Snatches

Thursday: “Phantom”

  • Skill: Strict Overhead Press
  • Workout: Phantom
  • Movements: Dumbbell Snatches, Pull-Ups
  • Time: 15 Minutes

Friday: “Sasquatch”

  • Workout: Sasquatch
  • Movements: 600m Run, Deadlifts, Sit-ups, Another 600m Run
  • Goal: Under 20 Minutes
  • Energy System: Breathing & Burn

Saturday: Aerobic Power Intervals

  • Assessment: Aerobic Power Intervals
  • Workout: 17 Minutes, 5 Minutes of Work with 1 Minute Rest
  • Finisher: Bench Press and Curls

Sunday: Partner Workout

  • Reminder: Grab a friend for a dynamic partner workout!

Important Reminders

  • All workouts are available on Chalk It Pro and can be scaled according to your ability level.
  • Rowing assessments will be available all week.
  • Make sure to book your slots early so our coaches can prepare!

So, let’s get set to crush those numbers! Don’t forget to schedule your sessions, get adequate sleep, stay hydrated, and most importantly—have fun.

See you all in the gym!

— Urban Athletic Club