Global Assessment Review

Our January fitness Global Assessments were a huge success, with an overwhelming number of people taking the opportunity to level up their fitness and health. Congratulations to those who made improvements and pushed themselves to new limits! For those unable to attend as much as they had hoped, remember that every step towards a healthier lifestyle is a victory. Keep up the hard work, and never give up on your health and wellness goals!

Let’s dive into the numbers.

There were 497 Level ups in two weeks. Here’s the breakdown:

It makes sense that Running had the fewest Level Ups since it was cold! Flexibility also had just 20 Level Ups, perhaps due to the wider gaps between levels.

Looking at the group, 18 members improved their overall level (with 5 of those improving their overall level TWICE within two weeks!).

11 members finished all of their assessments to get an overall level.

As we continue our fitness journeys, we must keep track of our progress and hold ourselves accountable. Remember to enter your scores and track your progress to see your fantastic progress over time. Attending classes regularly and seeking help is vital to staying on track and reaching your goals. Together, let’s strive for continued growth and success!

Remember that each month we assess 2 to 3 categories. Check back on our blog weekly to stay in the loop!