February Week Preview

February Week 2: Deadlifts, Back Squats, and Pull-ups

This Week at Urban Athletic Club: Build Your Power with Precision, and Fun!

As we venture into the second week of February’s programming at Urban Athletic Club, we’re excited to present a lineup that harmonizes strength, stamina, and skill with a splash of competition. This week is specially designed for our dynamic community of Washingtonians, embodying our commitment to sophisticated, results-driven workouts that cater to every level of fitness.

February’s Themes:

  • Electricity Discipline: Dive into the world of Powerlifting, focusing on raw strength and power.
  • System: Embrace the Ventilation system, enhancing your endurance and breath control.
  • Virtuosity: Sharpen your skills with Kettlebells and Unilateral movements, promoting balance and precision.
  • Fun: Join the Legion Submissions, where your efforts can shape our community workouts.
  • Assessments: Test your mettle with Deadlift and Row assessments, marking your progress and setting new goals.

Monday: Start Strong with Deadlift Progressions

Begin your week on a powerful note with week 2 progression in deadlifts, building foundational strength that translates across all physical endeavors. Follow up with “Sour Patch,” a time-based challenge featuring Dumbbell Snatches and Abmat Situps designed to boost your metabolic conditioning.

Tuesday: Elevate with “Velvet Revolver”

Tuesday brings Pull-ups for strength, setting the stage for “Velvet Revolver.” This two-part workout, with Jumping Chest-to-Bar Pull-ups, Jumping Lunges, and Double Unders, promises to test your agility and endurance. Rest, then tackle the second AMRAP for a complete upper and lower body challenge.

Wednesday: Midweek Intensity with “Little Saigon”

“Little Saigon” awaits on Wednesday – a 15-minute EMOM featuring Hang Power Cleans, Push Presses, and Burpees, ensuring you push your limits. Complement this with Core Accessory work to build a resilient, powerful midsection.

Thursday: Build Power with “Parachute”

Back Squats are on the agenda, inviting you to incrementally increase your load. Then, “Parachute” takes you through rounds of Cal Row, Box Jump Overs, Goblet Squats, and a Farmers Carry, a blend designed to improve strength and cardiovascular health.

Friday: Push Forward with “Cottonwoods”

Friday’s “Cottonwoods” challenges you to escalate your efforts with Russian Kettlebell Swings, Hanging Leg Raises, and a Shuttle Run, ensuring you end the week on a high note of endurance and strength.

Saturday: Test Your Skills with “Cindy’s Barbell”

Saturday introduces “Cindy’s Barbell,” a comprehensive test of fitness combining Deadlifts, Power Cleans, Front Squats, Push Jerks, and bodyweight exercises. This workout encapsulates the essence of functional fitness.

Sunday: Team Up for Success

Wrap up the week with a partner workout, fostering camaraderie and collective motivation. It’s a perfect opportunity to share the journey towards improved fitness with a friend or fellow member.

Level Method: Remember, every workout is scalable across our seven levels of fitness. No matter where you are in your fitness journey, there’s a version of each workout waiting for you in Chalk It Pro.

Plan Ahead: Booking your class in advance isn’t just appreciated—it’s a strategic move that allows our coaching team to tailor the session to your needs, ensuring you get the most out of every workout.

This week at Urban Athletic Club, we’re not just working out; we’re building a lifestyle that champions strength, endurance, and community. Whether you’re lifting, running, or strategizing for the next Assessment, you’re part of a movement that values health, resilience, and the power of a supportive community.

See you at the gym!