February Week 3

February Week 3: Unleashing Strength and Versatility

This week, February 12th to February 18th, at Urban Athletic Club, we’re continuing to push the boundaries of functional fitness with a dynamic lineup designed to enhance strength, endurance, and skill. Tailored for the ambitious professional seeking a sophisticated yet challenging workout experience, our programming encapsulates the essence of our unique blend of boutique gym sophistication and the raw energy of a collegiate team weight room.

February Week 3 Preview

Monday: We kickstart the week with a powerful session focused on deadlifts, laying the groundwork for strength. The intensity escalates with a kettlebell double grace workout, challenging both your power and grace under pressure.

Tuesday: Skills and drills take center stage with box jumps and goblet squats, designed to refine technique and build foundational strength. The excitement continues with eight minutes of as many rounds as possible (AMRAP) of box jumps, Scoppa squats, and abmat sit-ups, followed by a brief rest and a second round to test your stamina and resilience.

Wednesday: Midweek, we dive into snatch progressions and double unders, honing precision and agility. A partner workout of power snatches and double unders, with a rowing buy-in and cash-out, promises a thrilling collaborative effort.

Thursday: Focus shifts to the strict press, where we explore our limits with heavy sets ranging from 3 to 8 reps. The session concludes with “Swingset,” a quality-driven workout featuring rope climbs, push-ups, and pistols, emphasizing technique and control.

Friday: Every minute on the minute (EMOM), power cleans set the pace, followed by “Sunday Matinee,” a cinematic combination of deadlifts and wall balls, designed for a full-body challenge.

Saturday: The weekend begins with a skill session on T2B (Toes to Bar) and ring rows, perfecting form and execution. “Miniature Pony,” an invigorating mix of T2B, ring rows, and calorie burning, awaits as the main event.

Sunday: Our partner workout, a hallmark of community and shared goals, rounds out the week. With a nod to strongman training, expect shrugs on Monday and overhead plate carries on Thursday to add an extra layer of strength and grit to our regimen.

A Week of Growth and Community

At Urban Athletic Club, our mission transcends the physical. This week’s programming not only aims to elevate your physical capabilities but also to strengthen the bonds within our vibrant community. With a focus on professionalism, respect, and a balanced approach to wellness, we continue to be a catalyst for change, empowering you to achieve both your fitness and life goals.

Join us on this journey of growth, challenge, and camaraderie. Whether you’re pushing the limits of your strength, mastering new skills, or finding joy in the shared struggle and triumph with fellow athletes, every session is a step towards becoming a stronger, more resilient version of yourself.

To our non-members, we invite you to experience the unique blend of sophistication and energy at Urban Athletic Club. Discover a community where your fitness journey is supported, challenged, and celebrated.

Transform your workout into a lifestyle; join us today.