April 2023 | Programming Preview

Hey Athletes! We’re starting a new 4-week block Monday. The March wrap-up will be out soon.

In March we progressed through Deadlifts which prepares us for this month’s Electricity Discipline: Weightlifting. Each week we will work on Cleans, Jerks, and Snatches. If these movements are new to you, then focus on linking the movements, go through the Burgener warm-up (which is programmed!), and working with the coaches on your technique.

Our System changes to Plumbing (muscle fatigue) from Ventilation (challenging the lungs). Virtuosity, the mastery of basic movements, is Dumbbell and Unilateral. Expect to see Single-arm Presses, Suitcase carries, Overhead Lunges, and other one-arm, one leg movements. The Fun workouts this month will be the CrossFit Girl WODs.

Finally, our Assessments: in this block we will work on three Assessments: Weighlifting, Rowing, and API. Expect the Extra Credit work to focus on Rowing and parts of API. If you wish to Level Up tin one or all of these Assessments, then get after the Extra Credit!

Want to read more about the Level Method programming methodology? Read this article.

April’s Themes

  • Electricity Discipline Weightlifting
  • System Plumbing
  • Progression Weightlifting
  • Virtuosity Db/Unilateral
  • Fun Girls
  • Assessments
    • Weightlifting
    • Rowing
    • API