The Plate Method: A Simple Approach to Nutrition

The Plate Method is one of the most straightforward approaches to adjusting your diet and eating quality foods. Here’s how it works: Imagine splitting your plate into 3 parts: fill half with non-starchy veggies, fill one quarter with lean protein, and fill the other quarter with a starchy carb (such as rice, potatoes, or pasta). Once your meal has been arranged, try finishing your veggies, then your protein, and lastly, your carbs.

To properly fuel your body, you must create a diet of all 3 macromolecules: protein, carbs, and fat. Determining how much you’ll need to eat to maintain a healthy weight and improve your training performance can be overwhelming for somebody starting their health and fitness journey.

The grams of macronutrients you need depend on many factors, such as weight, gender, activity levels, and goals. The Plate Method provides an easy way to incorporate protein, fat, and carbs in each meal in amounts that will support your goals without driving you crazy.

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