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Focus Toolkit: Tools to Improve Your Focus & Concentration

Excerpt: In this episode, I provide a list of behavioral, nutritional, and supplement-based tools you can use to improve your ability to get into a focused state to do mental or physical work. I explain science-supported strategies for transitioning into focus, maintaining focus during the work bout, and exiting the focus session, which is also critical, including decompression/defocusing tools. I explain when and how to use: binaural beats, caffeine, deliberate cold exposure, the pros and cons of working in fasted vs. fed states, and supplements and foods that enhance dopamine, epinephrine (i.e., adrenaline) and acetylcholine to promote optimal focus. 


The Toxic Truth About Sugar

Excerpt: According to United Nations data (1), 2011 was the first year in recorded history when noncommunicable disease mortality exceeded that of infectious disease. Obesity and metabolic disease have spread to lower- and middle-income countries. Now, a larger share of the worldwide population is obese rather than malnourished, and 80% of deaths are attributable directly or indirectly to obesity and poor metabolic health. Rates of these diseases have increased over the past 50 years alongside a three-fold increase in the consumption of added sugars.