UAC Vision and Mission


Transformational. Inspirational. Holistic

At Urban Athletic Club (UAC), we’re crafting a vision that redefines the norms. Our goal is ambitious yet clear: to positively influence the lives of 500 Washingtonians annually, leading to a transformative impact on over 5,000 individuals in the next decade. This commitment marks a significant and enduring change in our community’s approach to health and wellness.

Our passion is deeply rooted in fitness, nutrition, and overall health. These pillars form the foundation of our expertise and enthusiasm. Our fitness professionals go beyond mere training; they are agents of change. They ignite inspiration, drive motivation, and sculpt lives, embedding healthy habits that not only enhance but also prolong life.

We understand the unique dynamics of Washingtonians – professionals known for their drive and commitment. Our role at UAC is to introduce and nurture a vital balance between professional endeavors and personal well-being. We are more than just a gym or a diet plan; we are your steadfast partner on the path to health and wellness.

Join us on this journey as we spearhead a revolution in fitness and health, reshaping lives across Washington. With UAC, the future of wellness is not just a concept; it’s a reality we build together, starting right here, with you.


Our mission at Urban Athletic Club is to transform the fitness landscape. We bridge the physical and digital realms with our adaptable strength and conditioning programs, offering more than just workouts. We craft personalized experiences, catering to individuals and groups, supporting our members every step of their fitness journey.

Our commitment is to connect with each member, respecting their unique fitness level. Our promise extends beyond excellent coaching; it’s about creating an interactive, safe environment where each achievement is a celebrated milestone.

We’re not just part of the community; we’re actively enhancing it. We bring value through insightful social media content, complimentary monthly classes, community events like ‘bring-a-friend’ day, and social gatherings.

To us, a gym is more than a space filled with equipment. It’s a sanctuary for transformation, where innovative programs meet dedicated coaching. Here, individuals unite to form a vibrant community, fostering a culture of transformation.

We are Urban Athletic Club, committed to revolutionizing not just your workout routine but your lifestyle.


At Urban Athletic Club, our core values encompass Professionalism in our conduct, Respect in our interactions, and a strategic focus on Growth that fuels our sustainability and profit,, enabling us to continually elevate the wellness experience we provide.