Test Your Progress

Week 5 November 2023: Test Your Progress at Urban Athletic Club!

Welcome to Week 5 at Urban Athletic Club! This week we’ll test your progress, marking a significant milestone in our fitness journey. This month the focus areas have been Front Squats, Kettlebell endurance, and overall flexibility, and now it’s time to see how far we’ve come.

Monday & Tuesday: Front Squat Mastery

Kickstarting the week, Monday and Tuesday are about testing our Front Squats. Monday, after pushing your limits with Squats, we’ll dive into the ‘Cat Tree’ workout. This 12-minute challenge includes ascending reps (4, 8, 12, 16, etc.) of Barbell Front Step Lunges, and Hang Power Cleans, followed by a 200-meter run – a true test of endurance and strength!

On Tuesday, we jump into an 18-minute EMOM (every minute on the minute) of Turkish Get-ups, Kettlebell Cleans, and Kettlebell Push Press.

Wednesday & Thursday: Kettlebell Kings and Queens

Midweek, we shift our focus to kettlebells. Whether swinging or snatching, these sessions are designed to test your kettlebell endurance. Don’t miss the ‘Flying Buttress’ workout on Wednesday, which starts with a solid Ab Mat Sit-up buy-in, followed by a heavy-breathing combo of Bike/Row calories and Double Unders. Thursday continues with an EMOM of Power Cleans and a second chance for kettlebell assessments.

Friday: Pull-Up Power Play

Friday’s sessions are designed to elevate your upper body strength, starting with a focus on building to a heavy strict Pull-up. The day’s workout is a leg-heavy circuit, featuring Muscle-ups, Box Jump-overs, and Goblet Step-ups.

Saturday: The Heroic ‘Seven’

Saturday brings the ‘Seven‘ – a Hero workout done in partners consisting of seven rounds of seven reps each of Handstand Push-ups, Thrusters, Knees to Elbows, Deadlifts, Burpees, Kettlebell Swings, and Pull-ups. It’s a perfect blend of intensity and teamwork.

Sunday: Partner Workout Finale

We wrap up the week with our traditional Sunday partner workout. This session is not just about physical prowess but also about collaboration and encouragement.

Flexibility Assessments & Personal Growth

Each class throughout the week will conclude with a Flexibility assessment. It’s not just about strength and power; flexibility plays a crucial role in overall fitness.

Remember, this week is about measuring progress. Whether you level up, stay the same, or find new areas to improve, it’s all part of the journey. Your commitment, rest, hydration, and nutrition play a crucial role in your performance. If you’re not leveling up as expected, our coaches are here to guide and support you.

All Levels Welcome!

Remember the every workout includes seven levels, from beginner to advanced, ensuring everyone can participate and progress. Members can check out the complete programming in Chalk It Pro.

Let’s make this week at Urban Athletic Club a memorable one by pushing our limits and celebrating our progress together!