November 2023 Journey

November at Urban Athletic Club: A Journey of Strength, Flexibility, and Personal Bests

Welcome to Urban Athletic Club, where we believe fitness is a journey marked by consistency, camaraderie, and the foundational role of strength and conditioning training. This November, our community embraced these principles wholeheartedly, culminating in an extraordinary achievement: 220 personal records set across various disciplines. Let’s dive into how our unique programming philosophy contributed to this success.

The LIT Programming Philosophy at UAC

At UAC, our programming is guided by the Level Method “LIT” philosophy – Levels, Intent, and Themes. This approach ensures that every member, regardless of their fitness level, experiences a workout tailored to their needs. The ‘Levels’ aspect allows for systematic individualization within a group setting, providing a clear understanding of each member’s fitness capabilities. ‘Intent’ focuses on the purpose behind each workout, emphasizing the energy systems and sensations involved. This month, our members experienced the full spectrum of this philosophy, pushing their limits and achieving remarkable results.

November’s Themes and Their Impact:

November’s programming revolved around five key themes:

  • Electricity Discipline: Power Lifting
  • System: Ventilation
  • Virtuosity: Kettlebell
  • Fun: Hero Workouts
  • Assessments: Front Squat, Kettlebell, Flexibility

Each theme brought its unique flavor to our workouts. For instance, the Electricity Discipline focused on Power Lifting (Back Squats, Bench Press, Strict Press, Deadlift, Front Squats), challenging members to improve their strength in fundamental lifts. Virtuosity, highlighted through Kettlebell workouts, emphasized skill and precision. These diverse themes ensured that our members engaged in a well-rounded fitness regimen, preventing monotony and promoting all-around development.

Celebrating Achievements

220 Personal Records and 47 Level Ups
Our members’ dedication and hard work were evident in the impressive number of personal records set this month. From 31 PRs in Snatch to 77 in Front Squat, each achievement represents a milestone in our members’ fitness journeys. These accomplishments are not just numbers; they symbolize the commitment, perseverance, and growth of each individual at UAC.


  • Front Squat: 25
  • Kettlebell: 10
  • Flexibility: 12
  • Overall: 5

Personal Records

  • Front Squat: 77
  • Back Squat: 8
  • Bench Press: 18
  • Strict Press: 13
  • Deadlift: 11
  • Snatch: 32
  • Clean: 13

Coach’s Insights and Future Programming:

Our coaches observed significant improvements in strength, flexibility, and overall fitness levels. They noted that the success of this month’s program lies in its balanced approach and the enthusiastic participation of our members. Looking ahead, we’re excited to introduce new themes and challenges, continuing to provide dynamic and effective programming for all our members. Read this blog for more insight on programming and philosophy.

Start Your Journey!

November at Urban Athletic Club was a testament to what can be achieved with the right guidance, community support, and personal dedication. We’re more than just a gym; we’re a community that thrives on pushing boundaries and celebrating every victory, big or small. Are we interested in being part of this transformative experience? Contact us to learn more about our programs and how you can start your journey of strength, flexibility, and personal achievement.