MAY’S RESULTS ARE IN! UAC Celebrates a Landmark Month in Athletic Achievements

What a month it’s been here at Urban Athletic Club Shaw! May has been an exceptional month of remarkable achievements, breakthroughs, and countless moments of sheer determination. Our athletes have outdone themselves, achieving new personal bests and soaring to new fitness levels.

Let’s take a moment to celebrate the hard work, commitment, and raw tenacity that brought us here.

Breaking New Ground in Assessment Categories

Throughout May, our athletes achieved spectacular results across various assessment categories. Their dedication to improving their strength, flexibility, and endurance has been inspiring and motivating. Here’s a rundown of the achievements:

  • Front Squat: We’ve seen 21 athletes level up in this category. Their improved strength and power serve as testaments to their hard work.
  • Kettlebell: 19 members increased their skill and strength, wielding the kettlebell like true professionals.
  • Flexibility: 17 members significantly enhanced their flexibility, proving that strength and suppleness go hand in hand.
  • Upper/Lower Endurance: An impressive 12 athletes improved their stamina, showing phenomenal grit in their training.
  • Upper Body Push: With 15 members improving their scores, we’ve seen some natural muscle and mettle on display.

Stepping Up the Game

May has also seen 11 of our athletes increase their overall level. These overall level-ups represent consistent effort and commitment to improving across different fitness aspects. To every one of these athletes, we celebrate your perseverance and applaud your progress!

Smashing Personal Records

In addition to these amazing accomplishments, we’ve been blown away by a staggering 182 Personal Records (PRs) set this month. That’s 182 moments of surpassing personal bests, of achieving something thought impossible, of realizing potential. Our athletes are not just getting fitter – they’re becoming the strongest, fastest, most agile versions of themselves. And, most importantly, they’re enjoying the journey along the way.

Here’s to more breakthroughs, personal bests, and moments of triumph in the coming months. We can’t wait to see what our athletes will achieve next.

Get Started on Your Own Fitness Journey

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