May 2023 | Week 4 Training: Assess, Train, and Transform!

Welcome to the final week of Urban Athletic Club’s May Training Block! This week, we’re focusing on refining our technique, building strength, and testing our fitness limits. Our focus assessments will be on Front Squat, Kettlebell, and Flexibility tests, each designed to challenge us uniquely. Let’s dive into the details!

Monday: Start Strong with the Front Squat

We’re kicking off the week with a crucial compound movement, the Front Squat. Our trainers will help assess your technique and ability, ensuring you’re pushing your limits safely. During the testing, we complement the routine with accessory movements (Double Broad Jumps and Hip Airplanes) to help build balanced strength.

Then it’s time for our WOD, the electrifying “Electric Stove,” consisting of 9 minutes of high-intensity Thrusters and Cal Bike/Row. This endurance coupley will push your cardiovascular fitness, incorporating strength, speed, and stamina.

Tuesday: More Front Squatting or Dive into “Saturated”

Didn’t make it on Monday? No problem! We’re continuing the Front Squat testing today. However, if you’ve completed your assessment, you’ll jump into “Saturated,” a grueling 10-round challenge with BMU, Doubleunders, Hang Power Cleans, and 20 Doubleunders.

Wednesday: Partner Up for “Tandem Bike”

Midweek is always a perfect time for a partner WOD! This Wednesday’s “Tandem Bike” workout involves a 24-minute challenge of Toes to Bar (TtB), Box Jumps, and a heavy-breathing 400m Run. Partner workouts promote teamwork and camaraderie, creating a dynamic and fun atmosphere while still pushing your fitness boundaries.

Thursday: Test Your Kettlebell Strength

Switching gears on Thursday, we’re testing our Kettlebell strength. We’ll transition into our workout of the day, the “Grocery Delivery.” This 18-minute AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible) routine consists of Medball Situps, Wallballs, and a 200m Medball Run. A high-rep, high-intensity workout that will leave you breathless and stronger!

Friday: Kettlebell Catch-up and Deadlift Strength

Friday provides another chance for Kettlebell testing if you missed Thursday’s session. If you’re all set, it’s a strength day featuring Deadlifts and accessory lifts. Deadlifts are crucial for enhancing total-body strength, particularly in the posterior chain. Accessory movements are Box Jumps and Pause Squats.

To finish the day off, we have “Open 22.2”, a timed challenge involving Deadlifts and Bar-facing Burpees. The perfect mix of strength and cardio training to end your weekday workouts with a bang!

Saturday: The Iconic Murph Challenge

Finally, we end our training week with the traditional Murph workout. A community favorite, Murph can be scaled, RX, or done with Partners. Whether you’re new to this workout or a seasoned athlete, the spirit of Murph is in pushing your limits and honoring the memory of Lt. Michael Murphy.

UAC warriors, it’s time to gear up for a week of exciting assessments and high-intensity workouts. The aim is not to outdo others but to improve upon your previous performance. Let’s face this week’s challenges together and strive towards becoming the best versions of ourselves!


• We will offer to test Flexibility every day!

• We will also do Murph Monday morning at 9:30 am!

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