January 2024: Week 1 – A Week of Intensity

As we step into the vibrant energy of the new year, Urban Athletic Club is proud to present a slate of workouts, designed as within our Level Method system. This first week of January is not just another set of routines; it’s a curated experience of strength, agility, and resilience, scaled precisely to your individual capabilities. It’s also the first week of January’s themes:

Our journey begins with the “Panettone Burner,” a rowing escapade that sets the stage for a week of heart-pumping synergy. As we move through the days, the intensity molds to your measure. Tuesday’s “Squat Endurance” and Wednesday’s “Slipstream” sessions will test your limits and then stretch them, promising gains in both power and grace.

By the time Thursday rolls around, with its focused pull-up challenge, and Friday’s “Beach Town” session, you’ll be deep in the rhythm of personal progress, each rep a step towards your best self.

Saturday’s Power Clean EMOM is where technique meets tenacity, leading up to REGIONAL 13.5 – a tribute to the enduring spirit of competition and community.

And then comes Sunday. In the spirit of camaraderie, it’s a partner workout, details still under wraps but guaranteed to be as engaging and challenging as the rest of the week’s endeavors. This is where you’ll find the essence of our club’s philosophy: community, challenge, and growth.

At Urban Athletic Club, every workout is an opportunity to meet your edge and expand it. The Black-level workouts represent the pinnacle of our offerings, but they are only the beginning. With the Level Method, we ensure that every athlete can engage fully, with workouts scaled to their exact level of ability.

Whether you’re just beginning your fitness journey or are a seasoned athlete, we adapt each session to meet you where you are. This is where growth happens. It’s more than lifting weights; it’s lifting each other up. It’s more than running miles; it’s running towards our potential.

Join us this week and embrace the power of tailored workouts in a community that celebrates every milestone. Let’s redefine what strength looks like, together.

Your goals are waiting. Meet them at the Urban Athletic Club.