Goal Review

Member Goal Reviews: Your 3-Step Path to Personal Triumph

At Urban Athletic Club (UAC), we believe in the power of personal connection and tailored success plans. That’s why we invite all members to schedule a UAC Goal Review, an innovative approach to member engagement and retention. Our goal review sessions are more than just a check-in; they’re a deep dive into your fitness journey, offering a unique opportunity to reflect on your achievements, confront your challenges, and set ambitious, yet achievable goals.

Who Should Participate in Goal Reviews? Everyone!

Yes, you read that right. Every member of UAC, from those attending group classes to our personal training clients, should engage in goal reviews. For our personal training clients, these reviews are crucial. You’re investing in your health and fitness, and we’re committed to ensuring that you feel the value of every session aligns with your investment.

“But Graham, my coach and I talk during our PT sessions, isn’t that enough?” While one-on-one interactions during training are invaluable, a structured, 30-minute meeting away from the gym floor can unearth deeper insights and aspirations that you might not explore during a regular session.

Group class members, this is your chance too! In the hustle of a class, it’s rare to find a moment to discuss personal goals or struggles with a coach. Our goal reviews provide that rare, undistracted environment to focus solely on you.

The Three-Steps to Your Success

(1) Review and Celebrate Your Achievements

Fitness and Performance: We start by reviewing your attendance and fitness performance using Chalk It Pro. What achievements are you proud of? Is a new 5-rep Bench Press PR? Did you reach your goal of attending 3 classes a week?

Body Composition: You’ll conduct an InBody scan to measure your physical changes and improvements. We’ll look for improvements like increased muscle mass, decreased body fat, or flattening out left/right imbalances.

Celebration: This is a celebration of your progress – be it setting personal records, consistent attendance, muscle gain, or weight loss. Let’s high-five these wins and share the results!

(2) Vision for the Next 100 Days:

What do you aspire to achieve in the upcoming days? Why is this important to you? How will your life look if you reach these goals? We delve into your goals and map out the necessary steps to reach them. Importantly, we consider your life beyond the gym – travel plans, work commitments, life changes – ensuring your fitness journey is in harmony with your overall lifestyle.

(3) Crafting and Documenting Your Plan:

We don’t just talk; we document. By writing down your plan and printing it, we create a tangible reminder of your commitment. We will also make adjustments, if necessary, to your membership, whether that’s increasing or decreasing your attendance plan, adding Nutrition Coaching or Personal Training, or just a skill session to work on a specific movement like cleans or pull-ups.

Finally, w will schedule your next review session, ensuring continual support and accountability.

Goal review

Why Goal Reviews Matter

These sessions are a cornerstone of the UAC experience, embodying our ethos of professionalism, respect, and a strategic focus on holistic well-being. They are a testament to our commitment to your fitness journey, aligning perfectly with the Level Method’s philosophy of individualized fitness progressions within a group environment. By understanding your unique goals and challenges, we tailor our coaching and support to your narrative, making every workout at UAC a step toward your fitness aspirations.

So, whether you’re lifting in the dynamic atmosphere of our boutique gym or strategizing your next fitness milestone, remember, UAC is more than just a place to work out. It’s a community committed to seeing you succeed, every step of the way. Let’s embark on this journey together – schedule your UAC Goal Review today and transform your fitness dreams into reality.