Week 5 Programming

TEST WEEK! February Week 5 Programming | February 26 – March 2

Embrace Your Evolution: It’s Assessment Week!

Join us for a week of programming benchmarks and breakthroughs. Let’s see how our dedication to fitness pays off! Remember that the themes for this month are:

  • Electricity Discipline: Powerlifting
  • Energy System: Ventilation
  • Virtuosity: Kettlebell/Unilateral
  • Fun: Level Method Legion Submission
  • Progression: Deadlift
  • Assessments: Deadlift and Rowing

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  • Monday & Tuesday: Deadlifts Deep Dive
    • Begin the week with a measure of might: the deadlift assessment. It’s a time to evaluate progress and push past previous personal records. For our newcomers, it’s an exciting first glance at your development and an opportunity to set new fitness milestones.
    • A moment for all to take stock of the strength journey so far, from those early days of learning form and technique to the seasoned lifters aiming for that next level.
  • Wednesday: Skill Sharpening & Stamina Surging
    • “SLIPS” offers a skillful interlude, focusing on the finer details of movement, balance, and core engagement—a perfect complement to the week’s intensity.
    • “WET NOODLE” will put your resilience to the test with wallballs and wall walks, ensuring your conditioning is comprehensive and robust. It’s a chance to demonstrate the versatility of your training.
  • Thursday: The Rowing Rigor
    • The rowing assessment is not for the faint of heart. It’s a mental battle as much as a physical one, especially for Orange 1 and above with a challenging 20-minute row. This is where you can really test your limits and see the results of your consistent effort.
    • For those who’ve recently completed the assessment or who are looking for an alternate test, we offer a workout that’s equally challenging and engaging.
  • Friday: Partner Dynamics & Core Mastery
    • “LAUNDRY BAG” brings a dynamic end to the week. It’s all about synergy and shared effort, as you and a partner motivate each other through a series of synchronized movements.
    • The “CORE ACCESSORY” session is your opportunity to reinforce the core stability that supports every other aspect of your fitness regimen. Expect to end the week feeling strong and centered.
  • Saturday: EMOM Excellence & MetCon Mastery
    • Rise and grind with a 12-minute EMOM of snatches, fine-tuning your power and precision under the clock.
    • Follow it up with a fiery 12-minute MetCon, featuring Toes to Bar, a percentage-based Power Snatch, and the rhythmic challenge of Doubleunders. This is where you’ll push your metabolic conditioning to the max.
  • Sunday: Synergy and Strength
    • Cap off the week with a partner workout that embodies the spirit of shared challenges and collective triumphs. It’s a day to bond over burpees and build friendships over fitness.
    • Take this opportunity to appreciate the camaraderie that makes our community strong and our workouts rewarding.


Key Takeaways for the Week

TEST Week is a celebration of progress and a testament to the UAC philosophy that fitness is a lifelong journey. Every lift, every row, every rep contributes to a stronger, healthier you.

  • Assessment Days: Deadlifts on Monday and Tuesday, rowing on Thursday. These are prime times to show your progress and set new records.
  • Your Fitness Barometer: Your level today reflects your current fitness status. It’s an honest gauge of your dedication and hard work.
  • Flexibility in Levels: Don’t be afraid to adjust your level. It’s about being true to where you are in your fitness journey today.

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