December Training

Week 1 of December Training at Urban Athletic Club: Igniting Your Potential with Focused Themes

A Month of Electrifying Themes

As we step into December training at Urban Athletic Club is not just about workouts, but about embracing a holistic approach through our monthly themes. If you haven’t already, check out our December Overview blog post, where we delve deep into how these themes will amplify your training experience this month.

Monday: Building Upper Body Strength

Kick off your week with a focus on pull-ups, strengthening your upper body. A timed workout of hang power cleans and burpee pull-ups awaits, blending power and endurance in line with our theme of ‘electricity’.

Tuesday: Mastering Overhead Squats with ‘Nancy’

Tuesday’s “Nancy” workout, a mix of running and overhead squats, aligns perfectly with our theme of ‘discipline’. It’s a true test of your commitment to mastering complex movements.

Wednesday: Ring Skills and Varied Exercises

Midweek, we focus on ring work, embracing ‘Virtuosity’ in our skill work. Follow it with a diverse workout including Box Jumps, Strict press, Biking, and Ring support, promoting our progressions.

Thursday: AMRAP Challenge

Thursday’s AMRAP challenge over five sets is designed to test your endurance and strength, pushing your limits to the max.

Friday: Power Cleans and Intense Combo Workout

Power cleans on Friday emphasize our weightlifting skills, followed by a high-intensity workout. It’s a perfect blend of strength and endurance, aligning with our theme of ‘electricity’.

Saturday: Partner Rounds for Endurance

Saturday’s partner workout is all about ‘fun’ and ‘assessment’, as you work together to achieve the highest number of rounds in 18 minutes. It’s a great way to measure progress and enjoy the journey.

Sunday: Traditional Partner Workout

We wrap up the week with our traditional partner workout, embracing the theme of ‘fun’ and ‘community’. It’s a chance to reflect on the week’s ‘assessments’ and prepare for the challenges ahead.

December Training

Read our blog post for a comprehensive overview of the month’s plan. Interested learning about the results of our training? Check out November’s recap.

Join us at Urban Athletic Club for a December filled with purposeful training, where every workout aligns with our monthly themes. Let’s end the year with a burst of energy, discipline, and fun, progressing towards our fitness goals together!