Double-Under Drills

5 Drills (Plus 1 Bonus) to Improve Your Double-Unders

At Urban Athletic Club, we understand the challenges and rewards of mastering Double-Unders, a key exercise in our programming. The jump rope, a simple yet effective conditioning tool, demands patience and persistence to master, especially when it comes to Double Unders.

While the learning process, often marked by whip marks from the rope, can be a source of pride, it can also be a hurdle. I nailed my first consecutive Double-Unders during an hour-long practice session, but took months to become proficient (proficient was nailing 50 unbroken Double-Unders). It’s a common struggle, so remember, you’re not alone in this journey.

To help you conquer Double Unders, we’ve developed a structured approach with 5 essential drills. Before progressing to the next drill, ensure you’ve mastered the current one. Also, having a properly sized rope is crucial. To check, step on the rope with one foot and pull the handles up – they should reach about mid-chest.

Here are the 5 Drills to Enhance Your Double- Unders:

Double-Unders Bonus Drill:

Practice Weekly! Double-Unders are a skill that can fade fast. Each week you should work on your unbroken double-unders. You’ll find that you’ll get to 50 quickly!

Remember, mastering Double Unders is a journey. Embrace each step, and you’ll see progress in no time. Keep pushing, and you’ll soon turn this challenging exercise into a rewarding skill at Urban Athletic Club.

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