Month Programing recap At Urban Athletic Club

A Month of Success: October Programming Recap at Urban Athletic Club

At Urban Athletic Club in Washington, DC’s vibrant Shaw neighborhood, we’re dedicated to providing our members with dynamic and effective programming that keeps them engaged, challenged, and continuously improving. October was no exception, as we delved into the world of weightlifting, our “electricity discipline” for the month. Let’s take a closer look at the highlights of our October programming and the remarkable achievements of our members.

The Urban Athletic Club Approach:

Our programming approach is all about progress and variety. We understand that to keep our members motivated and growing, we must offer them a mix of exercises, disciplines, and challenges. Each month, we focus on a specific theme or discipline to provide a systematic approach to improvement.

Want to read more about “Themes?” Check out this blog post.

October’s Focus: Weightlifting

  • Electricity Discipline: Weightlifting
  • Progression: Weightlifting
  • System: Plumbing
  • Virtuosity: Dumbbell and Unilateral
  • Fun: Hero
  • Assessments: Weightlifting, Aerobic Power Intervals, Rowing

Impressive Achievements:

October was a month of triumph at UAC. Our members shattered Personal Records (PRs) across various movements:

  • Snatch – 20
  • Back Squat – 8
  • Front Squat – 23
  • Strict Press – 11
  • Push Press – 18
  • Push Jerk – 10

An incredible 164 personal records were set during this programming period. We couldn’t be prouder of our members’ dedication and hard work.

Testing and Improvements:

Testing is a crucial part of our programming, and October didn’t disappoint. We saw remarkable improvements:

  • Weightlifting witnessed a significant surge, with 18 individuals leveling up their skills. Congratulations to Amanda, Brian, Cody, Craig, and Steve for their remarkable progress.
  • Five members enhanced their Aerobic Power Interval performance with Emily’s outstanding move to Red 3 from Red 1.
  • Rowing saw improvements from three members.
  • In the deadlift, three individuals advanced in their categories.
Weightlifting scores October
API scores October
Rowing scores October

The Importance of Consistency:

We want to remind our members of the vital role of regular attendance. Progress is achieved through small, consistent efforts every day. Our programming is designed to challenge you while allowing for gradual growth, but it’s up to you to show up and put in the work.

Stay Informed:

For more detailed information about our programming, achievements, and member updates, visit the Chalk It Pro app and our website’s blog post section.

In conclusion, at Urban Athletic Club, October was filled with impressive accomplishments and growth. We’re excited to continue our journey of improvement and diversity in our programming, ensuring that our members stay engaged and motivated. Congratulations to everyone who leveled up this month, and let’s look forward to the exciting challenges ahead!