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11 Infrared Sauna Health Benefits

“There’s been a lot of buzz lately around the purported health benefits of infrared saunas, with many functional medicine practitioners suggesting they’re better than traditional steam saunas. I wanted to find out what the hype is all about, so I decided to research the scientific evidence behind red and infrared light therapy.”


Winter Restaurant Week will be January 16 – 22, 2023!

“With some of the nation’s best know chefs, restaurateurs and rising culinary stars helming eateries in our region, Metropolitan DC is known for its restaurants. One of the most highly anticipated food-related programs in the region, Metropolitan Washington Restaurant Week is a week-long celebration of area restaurants and the diversity of world-class cuisine. Local diners know that Restaurant Week is more than just a “deal” – it is an opportunity to experience new flavors, explore restaurants in different neighborhoods or visit old favorites. For visitors to the area, it’s an opportunity to experience many of the best of our regional restaurants without breaking the bank.”