Manage Your Time & Stress e-book

Urban Athletic Club presents to you a free e-book on time and stress management.


We only have a finite number of hours in the day. How do we make sure to take care of the things that are most important?

Imagine an empty glass jar, this represents our finite amount of time. We can fill this jar with:

  • Rocks (our top priorities): family time, work, health & fitness, faith, friends, etc.
  • Pebbles (things we enjoy that bring fulfillment and satisfaction,): travel, hobbies, vacation, etc.
  • Sand (all the things that fill our time and space that are not necessities): social media, television, video games, etc.


If we fill the glass jar with sand first, we leave no space for either our rocks or pebbles (our top priorities). When we make a plan to prioritize our time, we put in the rocks first, then the pebbles, and we still have some space leftover for some sand!


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