PROGRAMMING | January 2023 | Week 4 | Global Assessments

It’s Global Assessment time!

It’s week 2 of 2! There are a few repeats this week. If you’ve already done the Assessment you’ll have the option to complete the standard programming. 

🥇 Monday: Assessments: Upper Body Pull and Lactic Threshold. Core Accessory
🥇 Tuesday: Assessments: Squat Endurance and Upper Body Push. Then “Infestation”
🥇 Wednesday: Assessments: Weightlifting and Run. Then “Velvet Curtains”
🥇 Thursday: Assessments: Front Squat, Neuro & Core, and Upper/Lower Endurance. Optional Deadlift. 
🥇 Friday: Assessments Row and Flexibility. Then “Ethereal Tower”
🥇 Saturday: EMOM Cleans then “Coach Crumbs.” Optional Make-up tests. 

Complete programming is in CHIP