PROGRAMMING | January 2023 | Week 3 | Global Assessments

It’s Global Assessment time!

Over the next two weeks we will do the LM Assessments each day and then, time permitting, the regular weekly programming.
Notes for each day:

  • Monday: Order is (1) Deadlift Assessment, (2) Press, (3) Running Assessment (we’ll do these on the Air Runners. “Curly Whirly” time permitting.
  • Tuesday: (1) Rings Assessment, (2) N&C Assessment. Then “Wood Smoker” (should be plenty of time).
  • Wednesday: (1) UB Push Assessment, (2) U/L Endurance Assessment, (3) Power Clean. “Grape Crush” time permitting.
  • Thursday: (1) API Assessment. Open 17.5 time permitting.
  • Friday: (1) Front Squat Assessment, (2) Kettlebell Assessment, (3) “Shaggy”.
  • Saturday: Programming as scheduled. Flexibility Assessment at the end.

Locate your Levels here:

Complete programming is in Chalk It Pro.