Equestrian statue of John A. Logan in Washington, DC.

November’s Programming at Urban Athletic Club: Lighting Up Your Fitness Journey

Nestled in the heart of Shaw neighborhood in downtown Washington DC, Urban Athletic Club has always been committed to offering innovative and exciting fitness programs for its members. As we step into November, we are thrilled to introduce new themes that draw inspiration from the structure and function of a house. Yes, you heard that right! A house.

At Urban Athletic Club, we often use a house analogy to describe our fitness methodologies. Think of your body as a house. A house needs electricity to power all its lights and appliances. Similarly, our body needs a specific discipline to power it up and keep it running efficiently. This month, our Electricity Discipline is powerlifting. Powerlifting, akin to turning on all the lights in a house, illuminates our physical strength and potential.

Diving deeper into the house analogy, we understand that systems in the house are crucial for its functioning. These systems can be likened to the blood flow in our muscles or the breath in our lungs. In this context, we’ve broken down our Systems into two parts: Plumbing and Ventilation. Our theme for the System this month is Plumbing. Much like how plumbing moves water through a house, our focus will be on exercises that enhance circulation, moving blood through our muscles, and rejuvenating them for better performance. On the other hand, Ventilation, which we’ll explore in future themes, is all about cardiovascular workouts or those that get you breathing heavily, reminiscent of opening windows in a house for fresh air.

Now, what’s a house without consistent maintenance and upgrades? That’s where our Progression theme comes in. This month, we’re honing in on the Front Squat. Progression is about making week-to-week improvements. It could be in the form of skill enhancement, strength building, or stamina boosting. As the weeks roll by, you’ll notice yourself lifting more weight or managing more repetitions, just like renovating a house to make it better with each passing day.

In the realm of fitness, it’s not always about lifting the heaviest or running the fastest. Sometimes, it’s about mastering the technique, ensuring that every move is executed with precision. That’s the essence of our Virtuosity theme. This November, we’re delving deep into Kettlebells and focusing on Unilateral Kettlebell movements. Virtuosity is all about taking the time to refine our skills, without necessarily adding more weight or increasing repetitions.

Lastly, how do we measure the efficacy of our efforts? Through Assessments. These are our end-of-the-month tests designed to gauge our improvements. With 15 total Assessments in the Level Method, each month we program testing two or three. This November, get ready to test your prowess in Front Squat, Kettlebells, and Flexibility. Over the span of a year, each member will have had the opportunity to test each assessment twice, ensuring a holistic view of their fitness journey.

To add a dash of excitement, we’ve also got Fun Workouts lined up with CrossFit Hero workouts. Because, at the end of the day, fitness should be fun, right?

In conclusion, this November at Urban Athletic Club, let’s light up our fitness journey, just like a well-lit, efficiently running house. We’re here to guide, support, and cheer you on every step of the way. Here’s to a month of power, progression, and unparalleled fitness experiences!

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