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November Week 2 of Fitness Programming

Week 2: Front Squats and More at Urban Athletic Club

Hey there, Urban Athletic Club members and followers! In week 2 (November 6 to 12, 2023) of our programming, we’re diving into some exciting workouts and exercises. As always, you can find all these workouts and exercises in the Chalk It Pro app, and remember, we’ve got scalability options for all fitness levels. If you’re unsure of your level for each workout, you can ask the coach or see the Chalk It Pro app for your color (see photo).

Chalk It Pro Screenshot of levels.

Monday: Front Squats Galore

We kick off the week with a focus on front squats. Our goal for the day is five sets of eight repetitions. But that’s not all – we’ve got an accessory circuit with dumbbell lunges and Russian twists to keep those muscles engaged. And for the conditioning part, get ready for the “Zoom Call” – it’s a Tabata-style workout with American kettlebell swings and double unders. 20 seconds of work, 10 seconds off, for 10 minutes – it’s a burner! Here’s a tip: chalk your hands!

Tuesday: Skill Drills and Double Workouts

Tuesday is all about skills and drills for running and toes to bar. Yes, running is a skill! Then, we tackle two 12-minute workouts. The first one includes ab mat sit-ups and low box step-ups, and the second one involves toes to bar and a run, calorie bike, or row. Double the workouts, double the fun!

Wednesday: Weightlifting Progressions

Midweek, we switch gears to weightlifting progressions. We start with a 12-minute EMOM of snatches. Then, we’ve got a quick workout of hang power cleans and burpee box jump overs. Don’t worry; you’ll have a minute and a half of rest between sets to catch your breath! Think full-send on the workout, full-rest in ninety seconds!

Thursday: Turkish Get-Ups and More

Thursday is dedicated to Turkish get-ups and suitcase carries during skills and drills. Our workout, “Basket Weaving,” combines Turkish get-ups, strict presses, lunges, and carries – a challenging and muscular-based session.

Friday: Mastering Pull-Ups

Friday is all about pull-ups – various types, from chin-ups to weighted pull-ups. Accessory work includes plank rows and single-arm dumbbell jerks. Get ready to test your upper body strength! You’ll finish with “Mitosis,” a workout of bar muscle ups, running, and air squats. Lungs will love this!

Saturday and Sunday: Partner Workouts

The weekend is all about camaraderie! Saturday’s partner workout, “McGee,” is a CrossFit™ hero workout featuring deadlifts, push-ups, and box jumps. Grab a friend and tackle it together. On Sunday, it’s another partner workout – because Sundays are meant for fitness and friendship.

Remember, if you’re not a member, you can start your fitness journey with a discovery call. Urban Athletic Club is about community, support, and achieving your fitness goals together. See you at the gym!

Stay strong,
Graham King
Owner, Urban Athletic Club