May 2023 | Programming Overview

Dear UAC Members,

We hope you’ve been enjoying your workouts and experiencing significant progress so far this year. As we head into May, we are excited to announce a new programming block packed with challenging workouts and lifts!

This month, we’re focusing on building strength, endurance, and flexibility with various training disciplines. This month’s Assessments are Front Squat, Kettlebell, and Flexibility, which we’ll complete in Week 4. In Week 5, we’ll wrap up May with “Murph” on Memorial Day and then a week of make-up Assessments and fun WODs.

Here’s a sneak peek into what you can expect in May:

Electricity Discipline: Bodybuilding

Get ready to feel the power with our bodybuilding programming this month! We’ll focus on higher reps and big lifts to increase muscle mass and strength. Expect to push yourself harder than ever before as you work on those major muscle groups.

System: Ventilation

Our Ventilation system this month will target improved cardiovascular endurance and lung capacity. By emphasizing high-intensity interval training and functional movements, we aim to significantly enhance your conditioning, improving stamina and increasing energy levels throughout the day.

Virtuosity: Kettlebell

We’re swinging into May with Kettlebell as our Virtuosity discipline! Our expert coaches will guide you through various kettlebell exercises that build strength, flexibility, and balance.

Fun: Games

CrossFit Games-inspired WODs this month will challenge you both mentally and physically. Get ready to tackle a variety of exercises that will push your limits and improve your overall athletic performance.

May Assessments: Front Squat, Kettlebells, and Flexibility

This month, we’ll be focusing on three key assessments:

  • Front Squat: As the main focus of our strength progression, we’ll work on perfecting your front squat form and increasing your lifting capacity.
  • Kettlebells: Assess your progress and technique as you swing, press, and snatch to kettlebell mastery.
  • Flexibility: Discover how flexibility training can enhance your performance and reduce the risk of injury.

Watch the Level Method overview here.

We can’t wait to see you in the gym, conquer new challenges, and push your limits. Together, we’ll make May a month full of progress, strength, and personal achievements. See you soon!

What are Themes?

Introducing Themes: A Comprehensive Approach to Facility Programming

“Themes” are a solution to the challenge of providing group programming for diverse clients, ensuring well-rounded fitness training, and keeping clients engaged.

Themes are high-level, less rigid templates that ensure exposure to various fitness areas and offer flexibility and creativity in weekly planning.

  • There are 5 Themes:
    • Energy System: Alternates between Ventilation & Plumbing, focusing on breathing, lighter weight, or longer workouts.
    • Electricity Discipline: High muscular tension with rotating through gymnastics, bodybuilding, powerlifting, and weightlifting.
    • MAP Strength Progression: Progresses a given strength movement over 4-5 weeks, leading to an assessment opportunity.
    • Virtuosity: Focuses on the mastery of fundamentals and exposure to a wide range of fitness “worlds,” divided into 4 categories: Bodyweight/Gymnastics, Barbell, Kettlebell/Unilateral, and Dumbbell/Unilateral.
    • Fun/Cool: Added to address client complaints about boring training, including public-voted themes such as CrossFit Girls, Games, The Classics, HERO, Bodybuilding, and Strongman.

Themes help prevent missing crucial elements in programming, maintain client interest, and foster constant improvement through regular feedback and surveys.

Stay strong and keep moving,

-Graham King