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March 2023 | Week 5 Preview | Assessment Week

It’s the final week of our 5-week programming month!

Over the past four weeks, we’ve worked on improving Deadlifts and Running (our Progression and Assessments). Typically, we only have one day to Assess each segment, but this week we will try something different by offering two days to Assess each movement. 

  • Monday and Tuesday, we will Assess Deadlifts
  • Wednesday and Thursday, we will Assess Running. 

If you Assess Deadlifts on Monday, then on Tuesday, you’ll do Tuesday’s Workout. Miss Monday? Then you’ll Assess Deadlifts on Tuesday.

If you Assess Running on Wednesday, then on Thursday, you’ll do Thursday’s workout. Miss Wednesday? Then you’ll Assess Running Thursday.

Conditioning this week continues on the Ventilation (heavy breathing!) Theme. “Beaten Path” and “Desert Rose” are going to be fun!

As for Extra Credit, you can mix and match as you see fit.

What’s the point of Assessments? Here’s a great piece from CrossFit:

Week 5 Programming

Exact programming will differ slightly based on our changes with Assessments.

Week 5 Programming

As a reminder, here are our Themes for this month’s programming: 

  • Electricity Discipline: Powerlifting
  • System: Ventilation
  • Progression: Deadlift
  • Virtuosity: Bodyweight
  • Fun: Hero WODs
  • Assessments: Deadlift and Running

Complete programming for all levels is in CHIP.

Here’s a link to the March overview.