July 2023 | TESTING WEEK

The Ultimate Testing Week at Urban Athletic Club

Hello Urban Athletic Club warriors!

We’re excited to share that we are in the fourth week of our July programming block, which means: it’s Testing Week! Get ready to push your limits, increase your personal records, and unlock new fitness levels. Here’s what’s coming up this week:

Monday: Squat Endurance

The week starts strong with testing Squat Endurance. Squats are a fundamental exercise that builds strength in your legs and core, and improving your endurance will make you more resilient in all of your workouts. For those who need to make up this testing, there will be an opportunity to do so on Tuesday. Our conditioning work involves a dynamic mix of Rowing, Kettlebell Swings, and Box Step-ups to provide a full-body challenge.

Tuesday: More Squats and Pull Ups

If you didn’t get to test your Squat Endurance on Monday, don’t worry, you’ll have another opportunity today. Also, we’ll be working on our pull-ups – a fantastic upper body strength builder. For conditioning, prepare for “The Grey”. This WOD combines Double Unders, Parallel Ring Rows, and Push-ups for a tough, full-body workout.

Wednesday: “Kalsu” – Partner WOD

Midweek brings us a special treat: a partner workout called “Kalsu”. This includes 75 Barbell Thrusters with EMOM (Every Minute On the Minute) Burpees. It’s a demanding but rewarding session that will test your strength, endurance, and teamwork.

Thursday: Running Test and “Puff Ball” WOD

On Thursday, we’ll test your Running ability – a key component of overall fitness. The WOD of the day is “Puff Ball,” which includes 24 DB Snatch, 18 Box Jump Overs, and 12 Toes to Bar. This high-intensity WOD will challenge your power, agility, and stamina.

Friday: Running Test (Continued) and Deadlifts

Friday is a chance for anyone who missed Thursday’s Running Test to make it up. We’ll also perform Deadlifts – a classic exercise to build power and strength in the posterior chain. The day’s workout is “Ball Lightning”, which combines Hang Power Cleans, Ring Rows, and double Air Squats for a challenging strength and conditioning session.

Saturday: “Bubba” – 20-minute AMRAP

Saturday brings “Bubba,” a 20-minute AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible) of Man Makers and Box Step Ups. It’s a test of both mental toughness and physical endurance. How many rounds can you complete?

Sunday: Partner WOD

We’ll wrap up the week with another partner WOD. Partner workouts are a great way to motivate each other and push through challenging workouts while building a sense of community. The specific workout will be announced later in the week, so stay tuned!

Remember, Testing Week aims to gauge your current fitness level. It’s not about comparing yourself to others; it’s about tracking your progress over time. Push yourself, but listen to your body. Hydrate, rest, and nourish your body with good food.

We want to highlight that all the programming for this week and our workouts are available in CHIP, our comprehensive workout management system. CHIP allows you to track your progress, review your past performance, and get insights that can help you improve even more. So remember to log your results in CHIP after each workout!

We also want to reiterate that every workout at Urban Athletic Club is scaled to each athlete’s exact ability. It’s one of the things that makes our Club so special. Whether you are a beginner or an elite athlete, our coaches will adjust the workouts to match your current fitness level. This ensures you’re always working at the appropriate intensity – challenging enough to drive improvements, but not so intense that you risk injury. So don’t worry if some of the workouts seem intimidating. Remember, your journey is your own and every step forward counts.

Let’s have a fantastic Testing Week, Urban Athletic Club family! As always, we’re here to support you on your fitness journey, every step, every lift, every rep of the way. Let’s get stronger together!