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July 2023 | Week 2

Hello Urban Athletic Club Members!

We hope you’re ready to kick off another fantastic week of training. We’re back with more challenging workouts and progressions designed to increase your strength, endurance, and overall fitness. Remember, our workouts can be scaled to suit your fitness level, so don’t be shy about jumping in and giving it your best!

Monday – Squat Endurance Progressions

Start your week strong with week two of our squat endurance progressions. We will focus on a 20-rep back squat – a test of strength and perseverance. Our accessory work will feature Cossack lunges and Pallof presses to target your quads, glutes, and core. We’ll wrap up the session with the “Clocking In” WOD: four rounds for time with overhead walking lunges and burpees over your dumbbell.

Tuesday – “Gas Bill”

On Tuesday, we’ll take on the “Gas Bill” workout. This sweat-dripping WOD involves double-unders and calories on your choice of rower, skier, or bike. Our accessory work for the day is rotational exercises using med ball throws.

Wednesday – Strict Press and “Suit of Armor”

Wednesday brings us a workout focused on strict press. We’ll pair this with plate Halos and kneeling band lat pull-downs as our accessory work. The day concludes with the “Suit of Armor” WOD, a challenging 15/12/9/6 rep scheme of dumbbell bench press and toes to bar with a 200m run.

Thursday – “Government Cheese”

“Government Cheese” is on the menu for Thursday. This 24-minute WOD combines suitcase deadlifts, bodybuilders, kettlebell cleans, and a kettlebell front-rack carry. As always, we’ll balance out our main workout with quality hip and knee accessory work.

Friday – Pull-Up Power and “Swim Meet”

Friday is all about improving your pull-up power. Our accessory work includes band rows and planks. We’ll then dive into the “Swim Meet”, a WOD that blends muscle-ups and a barbell complex with front squats.

Saturday – “Bring a Friend” Day and Hero WOD McGhee

It’s our favorite day of the week – “Bring a Friend” Day! This week, we’re featuring the CrossFit Hero WOD McGhee, a 30-minute AMRAP of 5 deadlifts, 13 push-ups, and 9 box jumps. Bring your friends and show them the power of a great workout!

Sunday – Partner Workout with Coach Andrea

Sunday is your chance to bond with a fellow member during our partner workout led by Coach Andrea. These sessions are always fun and challenging, so don’t miss out!

Remember that we offer seven levels in each workout; every athlete can scale to their exact ability. We call this “levels consideration.” You can find complete programming details in the Chalk It Pro app.

So, get your schedules sorted, gear up, and let’s meet on the training floor. We’re excited to see you all in action at Urban Athletic Club this week!