August’s Thrilling Training Block

It’s a new month at UAC. We’ve moved on from July’s Training block (results coming soon) and head into four weeks of Powerlifting, muscle-burn energy system, weekly deadlifts, bodyweight drills, and ‘Girl WODs’.

At UAC, we provide a unique blend of workout experiences tailored to meet every individual’s needs and this month is no different. Whether you’re a seasoned member or just starting your fitness journey with us, our monthly training block is designed to help you reach your goals. Remember to check your level for each workout. Want to learn more about programming? Read this!

Our workout classes in DC are thoughtfully curated, and the upcoming month of August offers an exciting array of training themes:

  • Electricity Discipline: Powerlifting is the theme. From weekly deadlifts to bench presses, back squats, and pull-ups. We’ll also mix in cleans and snatches throughout the month.
  • Energy System – Plumbing: If muscle burn is your kind of workout, our gym in DC will provide those burny-type workouts you crave.
  • Progression: Deadlifts are in focus this month, building up to an assessment in week four.
  • Virtuosity: All about bodyweight exercises. You’ll see everything from pull-ups to push-ups, ring dips, and other bodyweight-centric movements.
  • Fun Time: Get ready for the Girl WODs, including Fran, in week 4.
  • Assessments: This month, you’ll focus on Deadlifts and Lactic Tolerance.

Why UAC Shaw is the Best Gym in DC

  1. Diverse Training Programs: Whether you’re interested in bodybuilding, gymnastics, or a mix of disciplines, we have you covered.
  2. Expert Coaches: Our team comprises seasoned professionals committed to helping you succeed.
  3. Community Focus: Feel at home with a supportive community that’s passionate about fitness.