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April 2023 | Week 4 “Assessment week”

Monthly assessments offer critical benefits for athletes pursuing fitness goals. These regular check-ins help track progress, identify improvement areas, and adjust training plans. Consistent assessments ensure we’re on the right path and boost motivation and commitment to workouts. They also promote friendly competition and camaraderie, fostering a supportive, goal-oriented community. Assessments are essential for guiding us to desired fitness outcomes, encouraging accountability and a sense of accomplishment.

🎯 Assessment Week Highlights:

🏋️‍♂️ Mon & Tue:

  • Weightlifting & Rowing assessments

🔥 Wed:

  • 16-min AMRAP
  • Double unders & man makers
  • Pull-ups/muscle-ups E2MOM

📊 Thu & Fri:

  • API assessments
  • Strict press for API finishers

🤝 Sat:

  • Partner workout
  • Plate carries, goblet squats & pull-ups
  • Finish with back squats 💪